Complex wireless to wired network system

  lynken 20:18 26 Sep 2008

Hi all, I have a BT wireless router in the house which serves a couple of computers, I have now just completed a small workshop away from the house and have used a range extender to make the journey. from there I have used a wireless card to receive the internet and access to the hard drives in the house. So I now have internet access in my workshop and here is where the problem starts, on the system that holds the wireless card I have installed a rj45 network card and run a network cable to a 24 way ethernet hub and then from there have plugged 7 more systems into the hub which are needed. these systems are refusing to communicate with the main system and will not access the internet. all the machines are running XP Pro, Does anyone out there have an answer to my problem. looking forward to your reply's. Regards

  Ashrich 23:20 26 Sep 2008

My immediate first thought is where would the 7 PC's get their IP address from , the PC with the wireless card will get it's one from your BT router , but can it pass any on to the others without ICS turned on ? And if ICS is turned on , the wireless PC will have an IP of which may interfere/clash with the router or range extender .


  mgmcc 23:21 26 Sep 2008

The computers that connect directly to the router in the house will (presumably) be getting their IP addresses by DHCP from the router, as will the "Wireless Network Adapter" in the computer in the workshop. However, the "wired" Local Area Connection in the workshop computer, and the seven systems connected to it, are in a separate network from the one based in the house. How are they getting their IP addresses?

I'm not sure, but you *MIGHT* get away with bridging the two network adapters in the workshop computer. In the Network Connections folder, highlight both adapters, right click and select "Bridge Connections".

Alternatively, giving all the computers/devices in the secondary network fixed IP addresses in the *SAME* subnet as the main network, might let them all communicate and have internet access.

  Ashrich 23:27 26 Sep 2008

Have you tried giving the 7 PC's fixed IP addresses and specifying , in TCP/IP , the IP of the wireless PC as the gateway ?


  lynken 00:59 27 Sep 2008

Hi and thanks for all your input, firstly fixing the ip addresses is not a viable solution as these 7 machines will change on a daily basis (I do contract system updates/upgrades), as to bridging I have tried that and I lost the connection with the house system with no internet connection, I have seen solutions listed that allow fixed to wireless but no solution for the reverse. the only solution I do have at the moment is to run a 50 meter telephone cable to the workshop which I would really love to avoid. There must be a solution out there.

  mgmcc 09:25 27 Sep 2008

I suspect you need to install a "Wireless Network Bridge" in the workshop. This is the opposite of a "Wireless Access Point".

A "Wireless Access Point" (as in a wireless router) allows WIRELESS connections to a WIRED network.

A "Wireless Network Bridge" allows a WIRED network (your workshop network) to connect to a WIRELESS one (your house-based router or the range extender).

Wireless "Gaming" adapters are effectively Network Bridges, example click here

  lynken 12:19 27 Sep 2008

Hi, the wireless network bridge looks promising, will it feed direct to the ethernet hub or the master system in the workshop. I will hunt one down and try it out. Thanks for the info, will let you know if it works.

  mgmcc 12:59 27 Sep 2008

The bridge that I linked to only has a single RJ45 ethernet port so, to connect all of your hardware in the workshop, you would plug your existing 24-port ethernet hub into that.

All computers/devices in the workshop would then connect by cable to the 24-port hub *OR* where appropriate, "wirelessly" directly to the router/range extender in the house.

  lynken 14:58 01 Oct 2008

Hi again all, I picked up a Belkin wireless g gaming adaptor, wired it all up and my master system was able to connect to the house machines, I thought I was on a winner until I plugged the game adaptor into the hub and then tried to get the other machines to see the internet, unfortunately this did not work so I rang belkin and they have advised me that these gaming adaptors are only for 1 machine and are not capable of assigning ip addresses for other machines so I am now £40.00 out of pocket and back to square one. What is the answer?????

  mgmcc 17:22 01 Oct 2008

That doesn't sound right. If the gaming adapter / network bridge is only intended to connect a single computer, then it is effectively nothing more than a Wireless Network Adapter and quite pointless.

Can you use fixed IP addresses in the workshop computers/devices?

  lynken 18:07 01 Oct 2008

Yes, thats what I thought, I tried logging to the unit via the ip address of which is what the instructions said to do but I havent been able to get in and have a look at the settings

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