Complete wipe and reinstall of Windows ME

  bemuzed 08:32 05 Jun 2005

I've tried loads of things to sort out my PC and it's getting worse. I'd like to start again and reinstall Windows and all my applications. I have two physical hard drives and two partitions on each. Can I put all my data onto one physical hard drive then wipe everything off teh other hard drive where Windos is then reinstall? How do I do this please?

  bemuzed 09:26 05 Jun 2005


  Diodorus Siculus 09:31 05 Jun 2005

Copy all the data that you have / want to keep onto a new folder on the second hard drive.

Go to and follow the directions there for your OS.

Be sure to back up address book, bookmarks etc.

Give some info about your various applications (email program, office applications etc) for more detailed info.

  bemuzed 09:37 05 Jun 2005

looks like a useful site. I have loads of programms, AV, ZONE alarm, office etc. I think what I want to do is to format the C drive and start agin with all my programs (after copying data across) as there seem to be loads of conflict, blue screens, crashes atc. I have an OEM version and have reinstalled but that does not work. Somethignis seriously wrong somethwere .Can I reformat the C drive then install ME from the disk and reinstall all my programs?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:28 05 Jun 2005

Your OEM version will be fine; get a boot disk with CD rom support (say, from click here ) and use it to start off with.

Before that, get everest click here to ID the components and go to manufacturer sites for latest drivers. Save to another partition / CD.

  Diemmess 15:49 05 Jun 2005

The idea of reformatting and new installation on drive C: is sound. Also using 'Everest' first to make sure you have all the motherboard and basic drivers available when you start re-installing. The second HD is much the best place to save all data as Diodorus Siculus has said.

My reminder is that most of the applications will have to be installed from their CDs. Also, AV,ZA and so on will have to be new installations from the latest available on their respective web sites.

I think you understand that a clone of your C: drive is desirable, but only when you have your new system up and running sweetly --- then is the time to make a clone, update it occasionally and avoid having to do all this yet again if the O/S becomes stroppy once more.

  bremner 16:01 05 Jun 2005

You are going to spend much time reformatting and reinstalling programs.

If your system specification is up to it it would be an ideal time to take the step up to Windows XP and to dump the dreadful Windows ME.

  bemuzed 20:39 05 Jun 2005

Well blow me it's started working fine again after a few reboots, but not so confident it will not go crazy again. But at least I have a little more time to sort out with the advice you have given me. Only a couple of questions:
1. how do I reformat just the C drive?. Do I need to get a DOS screen to do that?
2. I think I may need to serial number for my Windows ME. Unfortunatley I have teh disc but no sticker on the PC nad Multivision who supplied the PC went out of business. Any idea on how I can find the WinMe serial?

  StephenRogers 21:05 05 Jun 2005

my computer
right click on the drive you want to reformat
select reformat

  Diodorus Siculus 22:28 05 Jun 2005

"right click on the drive you want to reformat select reformat" - that won't work if you are formatting the C drive.

Get everest as above to give you the details you need for WinME.

To format:

Boot with floppy disk and type

format c:\

  dan11 00:02 06 Jun 2005

As Diodorus Siculus says, you can not format the C drive from windows, start with a boot disk.

Also as Diodorus Siculus says, in everest look at operating system > operating system > product key. This will give you your 25 digit code.

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