as a complete technophobe which tablet

  arth18 11:39 02 Oct 2012

which tablet would be best for me,as a technophobe,to buy? Allowing me to send and read e-mails,read books,and internet access?

  lotvic 12:15 02 Oct 2012

As all tablets do that (and more) it depends on which Operating System you would feel more comfortable with and how easy it is to connect to a pc via usb for transfer of files. Android and Apple (both) you have to buy Apps, Android has more free ones and more flexibility, although Apple is supposed to be more secure there's not many free Apps.

I got a Galaxy Tab (Android), but am still getting to grips with it as I've always used Windows and even my phone is just a basic one so I've had to start from scratch with learning Android. I'm actually wishing I'd waited and got a Windows one as I would have found that easier for me to use and install 'Apps' programs, instead of having to learn all the time.

Then again I think I'd have been better off getting a new Netbook as I like a proper keyboard. All in all I think Tablets are overrated, but that's just me :) I got the Tablet and then I needed to buy extra cables, a cover to protect it and a multitude of other bits I could have bought but stopped myself as I realised I would have ended up with - basically a very expensive and untidy Netbook arrangement and needed a separate bag to transport the extras in (keyboard port dock cables etc etc) would have taken me half an hour to assemble it each time.... My tablet's main use now is reading books and watching Vids.

Look very carefully at what ports there are, usb, sdcard, hdmi etc before you decide which to get.

I recommend reading posts on Forums for Android and Apple, then you will get an idea of peoples problems with them. Google for: 'Android Forum' or 'iPad Forum' or 'Apple Forum'

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