A complete noob asks will this work for my 1st pc build?

  03one20 16:19 20 Jul 2012

I am considering building my own pc and would like advice on pretty much everything start to finish, so the first things i was planning on getting (1 component a month at the mo as money is tight!) are as follows AMD APU A8-3870K Black Edition/Asus F1A75-M PRO AMD A75 Socket FM1 Motherboard/ XFX DD Black Edition Radeon HD 7750 AMD Graphics Card - 1GB/Corsair 30GB Accelerator Series SSD/Seagate 250GB IDE PATA Hard Drive ST3250820A 7200rpm. Would this work, i mean are they all compatible, performance etc. i want to use it for gaming but i dont need to be at max settings, just running them comfortably. and general pc use; surfing downloading music etc. any advice would be great. BTW i know nothing about clock speeds and Ghz

  hastelloy 19:42 20 Jul 2012

Don't know much about system building but you definitely don't want anything IDE. Any HDDs or optical drives should be SATA.

  frybluff 21:35 20 Jul 2012

Certainly agree re SATA drives, but check EXACTLY what is supported by mobo.

Obviously depends on your budget (and how prepared you are to "shop around"), but other minor observations:

64GB is a much more practical size of SSD, and probably only marginally more expensive. Corsair are good, but Samsung 830's a good alternative.

Graphics card is reasonable, but if you can stretch by £20/£30, the HD6850 or better still HD6870, are better value.

I'm more familiar with Intel and nVidia, so please double check compatibilities.

  03one20 13:15 21 Jul 2012

Thanks Guys, much appreciated!

  KRONOS the First 15:21 21 Jul 2012

Dump the 30GB SSD as prices are quite ridiculously cheap that you would to better getting a 128GB. This will cost a little under £60 whilst a 30GB will cost around £50.



As frybluff says upgrade at least to the 6850 it is much better than the 7750 Compare,

You do not mention RAM, something like this RAM if you are only installing a 32BIT operating system, double it if it is 64BIT

  03one20 15:50 22 Jul 2012

cool beans, nice one. with regards to RAM, i already have 4gb RAM by Crucial, was just gonna double that, i am on a 64bit OS.

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