Complete loss of sound

  avesnes1 22:17 31 Aug 2011

A couple of weeks ago I had an occasional flicker on my screen. I thought I had cured it but it returned and eventually one morning I turned the desktop on and was greeted with a blank screen. The local computer shop replaced the graphics card (Radeon X1600) with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. The drivers for the NVIDIA card have been installed onto my XP and my W7 which are on separate drives with a dual boot arrangement.The graphics on both systems seem OK.

However, when I run either XP or W7, I have no sound and device manager says that "No audio device is installed". On XP there is no little speaker on the task bar next to the time and on W7 there is a red cross over the little speaker.

The local computer shop had the machine this afternoon but was unable to fix the missing sound.

I have checked all the cables and connectors for the two speakers and the woofer and the green light on the woofer is lit.

I would be grateful for members' views/comments/guidance/ideas on how to correct this problem.

  Snrub 23:26 31 Aug 2011

you could go on the nvidia web site and try dowloading the current up to date audio driver for NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.

  birdface 23:33 31 Aug 2011

Maybe run SIW it tells you what you have on your computer.

Go into sound devices and see what it is and look for a driver for it.

  avesnes1 20:10 02 Sep 2011

I followed Snrub's advice and found that the NVIDIA website has an email helpline which asked if I had changed the "Onboard Audio" from "Auto" to "Enabled".

I went into my BIOS, made the change and the sound has returned. The only thing missing now is the little speaker icon on the taskbar.

Many thanks Snrub for the advice.

  avesnes1 20:54 02 Sep 2011

Further to my previous message at 8:10pm, to get the volume icon back in the system tray:-

Run mmsys.cpl Select "Place volume icon in the taskbar" Click OK

  Snrub 21:42 02 Sep 2011

avesnes1 your very welcome, glad its sorted

  Woolwell 21:44 02 Sep 2011

I hope you didn't pay the local computer shop.

  avesnes1 22:01 02 Sep 2011


No, I didn't pay him for trying to fix the problem. I shall pop round there tomorrow and enlighten him on both fixes. Actually he does have a good reputation locally so I won't be too hard on him.


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