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  gav223 08:52 04 Jan 2008

Hi, although I have been using a laptop for the last couple of years for surfing the net and a few other thing, I am a complete novice. My old laptop packed in and I have just bought a new one. I would like to know as much as possible to keep it performing well. Could someone please advise me on as much as possible on the things I need to do to achieve this. My first problem is securing my wireless modem. I'm not sure how to do this.
Many thanks.

  anskyber 09:26 04 Jan 2008

This is quite a long article but it deals with your first question. Select the pages near the bottom. click here

  martjc 13:03 04 Jan 2008 probably know more than you think.
General advice:

Get good quality anti-virus software. [try Avast! free]

Good anti-spyware is useful - get Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware.

Run Defrag occasionally.

Don't download any dubious software. Avoid the porn sites.

On first use, it is advisable to fully charge the battery, discharge it completely and charge it up again. Do this about three times.

Visit the makers' site and get any info you can about your new machine. return there now and again to check for updated software etc.

Just get used to it and learn as you go.

Don't be afraid to come here for any advice - no matter how trivial. We love to help.

Finally, remember: We were all complete novices at first, until we got onto that learning curve which is always there in technology!

Good luck!

  martjc 13:09 04 Jan 2008

the job we all hate but should do regularly.


  gav223 20:15 04 Jan 2008

Thanks both for the help. I haven't been able to secure my wireless modem. I have been told that if I install the cd rom from the modem it can let me do it from there. I have got ad aware and spybot and I have been told to install comodo for my anti virus/firewall, which I have done.
How often should I defrag.
How do I back up and exactly what does it do.

  martjc 09:04 05 Jan 2008 will take you through the setup and security,

Anti-virus and firewall are a matter of choice. I've never tried Comodo - may be a free trial with your device?

Ad-Aware and spybot are both good anti spyware progs.

Defrag about once a month.

There are many free backup progs available - just put 'free backup' into a search engine. What it does is allow you to make compressed copies of your essential data onto a cd rom or elsewhere in case anything goes wrong. If you have problems [which you will] you can restore from the backups.

Read this for more info click here

  martjc 09:55 05 Jan 2008

...but, I'm sure if you read only part of it you'll get the picture.

These days it pays to back up your essential files to CDs or even DVDs.

For a complerte copy [image] of your system use something like click here

  PC Bilbo 18:53 09 Jan 2008

As an additional "good housekeeping" step to keep your laptop operating at optimum performance, try periodicaly downloading & running the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner from Microsoft (It's free).

click here

This will take time but checks security patches are up to date, checks for malware/spyware and cleans up
missing or broken short cuts in the registry and deletes unnecessary files & trash bin automatically.

Please note this is an additional tool to your installed AV & Spyware applications and not a replacement.

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