Complete failure to boot

  [DELETED] 18:25 15 Apr 2006

My PC has been working fine until today, when I connected my MP3 player via the USB port as usual (I have done this many times before with no problems). On this occasion the PC froze and I had to turn off with the power button. On switching on again with the power button, the fan came on and the CD drive turned briefly (with light flashing for about 2 secs as usual) but the screen stayed completely blank and the power light (normally lit when in use) remained off. I can't even get to the Windows XP logo to try entering safe mode etc. I'm sure the screen is working and the fault is in the PC somewhere -seems like a serious hardware/software fault. Could the act of connecting the MP3 player have blown some component in the PC? (The MP3 player still works OK).

  [DELETED] 18:28 15 Apr 2006

PSU? beg or borrow an equivalent spare and fit it

  [DELETED] 20:01 15 Apr 2006

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually since sending my previous posting I have looked at the PC's manual which says that that there are some diagnostic lights on the back of the CPU which light up in various combinations according to the fault. All lights are ominously blank, which apparently means "Pre-BIOS failure". I am hoping this means some hardware component can be replaced and the hard drive can then come back to life - not all the data have been backed up!! The PC is still under warranty (<2 years old) but of the course the fault would have to happen over a long bank holiday weekend!

  Diemmess 20:13 15 Apr 2006

Your second seems to confirm terryf's suggestion.
With a little luck a new PSU should set things going again without any software tweaking.

In the worst luck, the switching process on the motherboard may have gone instead/as well, so a warranty claim should have priority just in case.

  [DELETED] 19:49 18 Apr 2006

After phoning the technical support line, the solution turned out to be surprisingly easy. I had to exchange the power leads (mains cables) for the CPU and the monitor and surprisingly the computer leapt into life again! They were not entirely forthcoming with an explanation but they think it was something to do with the fact that the MP3 player draws a recharging current via the USB port but was already plugged into the mains when I connected the USB lead.
Thanks again to terryf and Diemmess. I have given this explanation in case anyone has a similar problem - they could try this trick as well.

  Diemmess 08:47 19 Apr 2006

Thank you Bigpeat. Very glad it all works again

"The mains cables"?

Is it me, or is it that no one really understands.... I'd love someone to offer a logical understandable simple reason.

My best guess is that there is a non standard arrangement on the back of the case with two similar female sockets. The monitor supply was plugged into the socket which should have been used to receive 230v direct from the mains, while the mains supply went to the output for the monitor.

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