GazMaz 09:38 26 Jul 2005

OK some of you may have seen some recent posts from me concering system freezing, well now it's gone completely pear shaped.
AMD Athlon 1900+
2gb Micron Mem
A7V600-X MoBo
ATI 9600XT Vid Card
2 80gb Hard Drives both have two partitions both backing up purposes.

Recent errors
STOP 0x0000000A (etc etc)
etc etc

A device driver has corrupted the executive memory pool.

I was able to get the Driver verifier running and got...

OK so I thought I was getting soewhere, then almost at bootup I started getting
STOP 0x00000024 (0x00 etc etc)

oh no
STOP 0x0000001E (0x0 etc etc)

I have tried repairing windows to no avail, so I tried reinstalling W2K pro on the C; partition and formating that part of the drive but I get more errors.
Should I try and load W2K onto the second hard drive second partition, or am I flogging a dead horse?

  recap 12:09 26 Jul 2005

click here for STOP 0x0000000A



click here for STOP 0x00000024

Hope they help you track down what is wrong with your system?

  woodchip 12:14 26 Jul 2005

Heat and Overclocking are the worst offenders for File Corruption

  woodchip 12:17 26 Jul 2005

You could have a Bad stick of memory, with fault that could be the problem

  GazMaz 13:05 26 Jul 2005

Going to get the Harddrive checked out now, it is new so that's my first port of call.
I don't overclock, and my system runs CPU and MoBo below 50C so hopefully that's not the issue.
The mem sticks are relatively new, I've done a mem tests swapped the sticks over and gone back to my old "good ones" still getting issues!

I'll keep you informed!

  GazMaz 14:17 26 Jul 2005

OK so I now have a new HARD Drive (they swapped it!).
So what order should I install things is there any preference, Windows updates, then antiviris vid cards etc, or SHOULDN'T it matter!!...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, throwing salt over my should touching wood that this fixes it!

  woodchip 14:25 26 Jul 2005

OS first then all Mobo Drivers that should cover what it uses like IDE drivers sound if it's on board. things like that, load Graphics drivers. What follows is up to you but Windows as I have found I over the years, likes the software in a order that does not cock it up. But your programs Software are different and unique to your computer. And have to be loaded according.

  GazMaz 16:27 26 Jul 2005

Well crossing my fingers didn't work, it's all gone Pete Tongue and I've had to take it to the repair shop to try and discoverer exactly what's going on..
Sad yes I am...

  GazMaz 17:57 27 Jul 2005

So I said I'd update you and here is the story so far.
The new MoBo I got seems to ghave an issue with the Second Memory slot!
So I 'm loading windows at the moment and I'm going to slowly go through adding sound cards and add on's and drivers after I've loaded the "important" stuff!! Win updates etc, antivirus etc.
Cost me to find that out though!!

  Diemmess 18:10 27 Jul 2005

You say you have an issue with the second memory slot?

Is it the memory you put into it or is it the mobo?

Either may be at fault and either could cause all the grief you have been having including trashing the HD.

I would take out any memory from that No 2 slot (temporarily marking the memory you remove) and see how the whole thing goes.

If all is well and no problems recur then be very cautious adding any memory to that slot and check every stick by substitution until you find the answer.

  GazMaz 18:27 27 Jul 2005

Basically that's what's been checked out at a cost, different mem was used and the only issues appeared when the second slot was being used, both different and the individual mem modules where tested, only when the second slot came into play did we have issues...

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