Complete Computer Backup

  mark3986 01:12 08 May 2010

hi how do i do a complete back up of my laptop so i can upgrade to windows 7 ultimate 64bit because mine laptop at the min is vista 32 bit and i want to keep everything thats on my laptop and upgrade it to Windows 7.I know ive got to do a clean installation but how do i then get my Drivers to my Hardware on there through backing it all up

  mole44 04:48 08 May 2010

please explain more, If you mean all your dats then just copy it all to an external drive/dvd/cd.You should have a cd/dvd with all your drivers for your laptop then you can reinstall these back again.I`ve just bought a clickfree dongle from Amazon for £30 to back uo my data to one of my external hard drives,it works like a dream saving all my data.

  mgmcc 07:45 08 May 2010

>>> so i can upgrade to windows 7 ultimate 64bit because mine laptop at the min is vista 32 bit

Is the Laptop actually a 64-bit system? You cannot simply install Windows 7 64-bit in a 32-bit machine.

  Andsome 08:03 08 May 2010

Download and run this first, otherwise you could have trouble.

click here

  mark3986 18:44 08 May 2010

ive ran the upgrade advisor and it was fine installed windows 7 but how do i get my back up from hard drive

  T0SH 19:19 08 May 2010

There is a freeware version of HDClone available for download with it you can image your existing Vista 32 bit to an external USB drive mark it and set it aside and don,t forget to make the rescue CD so you can restore it should your Windows 7 64 bit install go belly up on you or you hate it

click here

They also have a basic edition for not a lot of money, which has less restrictions and is more than adequate for your average home user

Cheers HC

  mark3986 19:35 08 May 2010

i want to get my graphics and other drivers back on my windows 7 which i backed up

  Terry Brown 19:52 08 May 2010

If you do a full drive backup you will not be able to recover just your graphic drivers, it is all or nothing.

If I understand you correctly, you want to get the Graphic and other drivers back from your Vista backup.

There is a good chance that they will not work with win 7, if you could get them back, you are better off searchimg for new drivers.

What is the make of the laptop?

  mark3986 20:30 08 May 2010

click here terry brown thats it

  mark3986 20:44 08 May 2010

i want to reinstall everything that was on my vista system thanks

  woodchip 21:01 08 May 2010

32bit Drivers may not work in 64bit

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