A complete cockup

  markcomp 09:44 21 Apr 2005

I have an old HP computer (Pentium 3)running 908 SE that my two young boys (5 & 7) use for games and internet use.
It was starting to run so slowley that games and sound were very jumpy.
I checked for spyware, defragmented (eventually in safe mode!) but with no difference. I then tried to use Direct X troubleshooter in control panel in case that was the problem, but it wouod not run.
I then moved to the conclusion that reloadeding windows would despite the hassles of re-configuring drivers etc was the only option. But i no longer have the disc. So here comes the cockup.
I read somewhere that pre-installed machines have windows in a partitioned section of the hard disc under win/options/cab files. so I found these and reinstalled from a setup.exe file..ONLY on re-starting it asks for the product key, which I don't have. What the hell do i do as the boys have a machine that won't do anything and surprise they are not very happy with Dad

  TomJerry 10:10 21 Apr 2005

search all everywhere to try to find the key, it is normally with manual or a stick under the case

you can buy a 2nd hand from ebay for a few pounds

or ask around nicely, maybe someone has one unused

or grab one from google (naughty)

  961 10:30 21 Apr 2005

No chance stick-on label with key is inside machine? Bottom of keyboard, monitor?

E-mail HP ask for help?

Take it we are at the stage where you cannot get into registry to extract key?

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