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  dirtykneesd 12:41 25 Jan 2009

hi can anybody tell me the best way to resolve major issues with pc world? bought a laptop nov 05 primary use was to help my 2 sons both with learning disabilities (A.D.H.D and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Now after 2 years of battling, 3 new hard drives have once again been left without the laptop, which has been taken in for repair which was supposedly resolved in dec 08 which included another new hard drive.spoke to the store manager and was told "what was i complaining about? did my lap top come back repaired? what did i want i had warranty not insurance"

  DieSse 13:03 25 Jan 2009

In what way do you want to "resolve major issues?"

That will largely determine what action you should take.

  Pamy 13:26 25 Jan 2009

"bought a laptop nov 05", "Now after 2 years of battling". Would you explain in more detail as this seams confusing to me? then perhaps may be able to help.

  dirtykneesd 14:43 25 Jan 2009

bought the laptop new from pc world in nov 05 it first went in for repair on 22 nov 07 the cd drive kept disappearing it worked on and off then wouldnt be recognized by the laptop. laptop was returned around 10 dec with no fault found. Laptop taken back to store on 13 dec 07 with same problem fault found and repaired, 2 days later blue screens and crashes this happened intermittently. Dec 30 cd drive gone again crashing regularly with blue screen taken back to store picked it up on Jan 2 08 charged £30 for system restore since that date laptop has had 3 new hard drives it gets collected and re delivered every time it ahas been away for 4 weeks or more it will work for few days or couple of weeks then it starts to crash and blue screen then wont re boot at all in between being sent away for repair i have taken it in store rwhere they recover it from the discsat present the laptop was returned end of oct repaired hard drive replaced again started to crash beginning of dec now in for repair again

  Pamy 15:04 25 Jan 2009

Apart from being charged £30 for system restore. have you had to pay for any other of the repairs, they mainly seam to be replacing the HDD's?

I would have expected a satisfactory outcome much sooner than this. As DieSse said, what do you want in order to resolve this issue?

PC World do seam to have tried to repair your computer over neally 4years.

  dirtykneesd 17:21 25 Jan 2009

have extended warranty their own PC performance which pay monthly all i want is a laptop i can use without crashing every other day whatever the problem is its not being sorted by replacing the hard drives.the whole attitude from store manager to the tech guys is appalling I'm not at fault but made to feel that way i paid a lot of money for the laptop and with there advice took PC performance warranty out for what? still have to pay for Internet, Norton security etc and still have no laptop on a regular basis

  mooly 17:28 25 Jan 2009

You keep calm. You list all the faults and history of repairs in writing. You ask the store manager for the address of their registered head office and inform the store that, having sort advice you are making a complaint under the sale of goods act in that the product was obviously defective from new. You complain to their head office and you make it clear you are prepared to take this further... to the small claims court if necessary.
If it's a genuine complaint... and this sounds to be... the law is on your side... and I speak from experience. I received a new set top box from Daewoo for a DS608P that was all but 6 years old.. it wasn't future proof.. and was rendered useless a few weeks ago by changes to freeview, and I got a 70% refund on a two and half year old Panasonic DVD recorder, again similarly affected.

  cruiser2 18:03 25 Jan 2009

Hi dirtykneesd, If you live in the NW of England I know a very good PC engineer who may be able to fix your laptop. He has recently spent over an hour correcting a fault on my PC and only charged £35.00.
I have an HP2575 printer which I bought from PC World in October 2006. I bought the PC Performance package. I am now trying to get them to fit a new holder for the paper after it has printed. The hinges on the existing plastic tray have broken. Have just sent another email with the full details of the purchase again asking them to resolve the fault.
Abysmal customer service

  laurie53 19:20 25 Jan 2009

"making a complaint under the sale of goods act in that the product was obviously defective from new. "

The product was bought in Nov 05 and went in for its first repair on 22 Nov 07. Since it seems to have worked perfectly well for two years it may be hard to prove "defective from new".

Such a complaint normally has to come up within six months of new.

Issues with the extended guarantee are something else, but I doubt there will be any redress for the original purchase under the Sale of Goods Act.

  skidzy 19:37 25 Jan 2009

I can speak from experience regarding PCWorld and the complaints service.

Without going into my details,you maybe best contacting head office of DSG International.


DSG international plc

Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate
Hemel Hempstead

Telephone:0844 800 2030

  Pamy 19:45 25 Jan 2009

What do you want to resolve the problem?

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