Compiling an MP3 list in MS Excel or other

  kwil2 19:54 19 Jul 2013

Hi there...

I'm running Win7 Home Premium (64-bit) and MS Office 2007.

I have a number of DVD's containing around 400 MP3 tracks each.

What I'd like to do is create one simple list so I can find which DVD holds a particular artist & track without having to trawl through each DVD!

All I'd have to do is open the document and search alphabetically...not much to ask, huh?

I figured I could do this via an Excel spreadsheet but can't see how that could be achieved.

All I want is a quick reference list for easy access...

Can anyone suggest a solution via Excel or some other wonderful, simple and preferably free program?

Many thanks

  AroundAgain 22:47 19 Jul 2013

"I figured I could do this via an Excel spreadsheet but can't see how that could be achieved."

If I'm understanding you correctly, in Excel (2003), I would have the first column (A) for entering the title of the song then in the 2nd column (B) enter the Disc number, ie 1, 2, 3 etc

Once you have entered all your songs and which disc, then select the two columns that now have content, click on Data (along the top), Sort and choose to sort by column A.

Note, you must have both A and B columns selected to do this, otherwise the rows of A and B will get muddled up.

I use Excel 2003 but the same principle should still stand in Excel 2007 I would have thought.

I hope this has helped you?


  catpwss 12:57 20 Jul 2013

Have read here click here

  lotvic 13:33 20 Jul 2013

How to Copy a List of Files in a Windows Folder Into an Excel List

This simple way click here does at least some of what you want. I haven't tried it out but there must be another command switch to add that will grab the Artist etc info.

  lotvic 14:12 20 Jul 2013

This is exactly what you want click here an Excel application that generates a list of MP3 files

"To use it, click the 'Select MP3 Directory' button on Sheet1. You will be prompted for a directory that contains MP3 files. The report will use that directory, plus all of its subdirectories. Sheet1 will contain a list of files, with the following columns:"

  lotvic 18:06 20 Jul 2013

I was a bit previous with my last 2 posts. The script number fields are different for W7 (and there are many more of them) than in the Excel app that I posted link to. Anyway it gives you a starting point to create your own, or you could edit that one if you can find the field numbers on the 'net :) (Edit the macro in Excel)

  100andthirty 15:29 21 Jul 2013

get a programme called MP3TAG. It has an option to display a folder or folders of files with all the metadata. This can then be selected (ctrl + A) and the "file-export" to a .csv file. This can then be imported into excel. How do I know - 'cos I've just done it with my copies!!!

  kwil2 17:19 22 Jul 2013

Hi fellas...many thanks to all for taking time to reply. lotvic: looked promising but, after selecting, all I got was: 'Run Time Error 445..Object doesn't support this action'

100andthirty: Actually use MP3Tag!...Didn't realise it could export to Excel. Transferred and opened in quick time. However came over as one continuous list per line for each artist and track etc. That would take an age to sort into cells, since each DVD has around 400 tracks! Here's a snippetof what it looked like:

**Black Cat Bone;Collins-Cray-Copeland;Showdown;;;296;11.31 MB;26/12/2008;E:\;Collins-Cray-Copeland - Black Cat Bone.mp3; Bring Your Fine Self Home;Collins-Cray-Copeland;Showdown;;;271;10.34 MB;26/12/2008;E:\;Collins-Cray-Copeland - Bring Your Fine Self Home.mp3;**

So did I miss a step or two? Would be a real pity if this didn't fit the bill because of above....

If and when you get some free time, would you be good enough to put me straight?


  lotvic 17:55 22 Jul 2013

I think I'll get MP3Tag, sounds good to me. I've always done imports to Excel and specified the separators ( , . ; / or a space, etc) so excel knows what to put in a separate cell.

I don't know how this is done via MP3Tag yet, with other stuff I save to a text file and then import that.

  100andthirty 21:15 22 Jul 2013

The solution is in excel. Don't just select "file, open". When you get to "file", then in the drop down list for filectypes, select "txt, csv". Then when you click on the file and open it, you will get the option to select how the file will be read, ie electing the ";" as the seperating symbol.

Also in mp3 tag, you can append to the csv file you have created. All this is from memory as I am away and on an Android device!

  kwil2 01:02 23 Jul 2013

Appreciate your Android situation, but above just doesn't work. When you Export from MP3Tag you're given the following six options:


As per your instructions, I chose 'csv'...the rest you know.

As an experiment: tried 'Txt Taglist'...that worked too with less clutter than above, but still pretty useless because of the number of tracks per DVD and the time needed to declutter and place in relevant Excel columns...

This all seems like it must be able to work!

I've configured MP3Tag to show in different columns:

Artist/Title = track/Album/Length = Track Time/

So I'd want all of that to transfer when I export to Excel and to set itself up into the same three columns....

You wouldn't think that would be difficult, would you...but then, MP3Tag is and always has been excellent...Microsoft comment!

If you have any non-Android time, let me know of any further thoughts or suggestions.

Failing that: anyone else have an 'easy' answer?


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