Compatible Print Cartridges

  RickB 18:57 14 Sep 2006

I know a lot has been said about this before but i'd welcome an update on views. I run a Canon i865 bubblejet printer - supper little machine. Have had it for a couple of years now and i have used "compatible" cartridges rather than expensive Canon ones. Never had any trouble but now the whole print head seems messed up, continuously needs cleaning and then printing comes out just in pink!! I do know the Canon print head is designed to wear out but this seems too quick.

Question - is there a view that compatible cartridges are ok? If so, which ones?? I'm not necessarily interested in the ultra cheap, a good quality compatible would be fine.

Thanks guys.


  Jackcoms 19:06 14 Sep 2006

I use a Canon i860 and recently had problems with streaky, patchy colours using compatible cartridges from Choice.

I removed the print head and cleaned it under warm running water. It was surprising how much excess ink came out of each of the 4 nozzles. I dried it, replaced the cartridges, did a print head alignment and all was well again.

It's also wise to print a page per day to help stop the cartridges from clogging/drying up.

I use this click here to give all 4 cartridges a work out.

  Jackcoms 19:08 14 Sep 2006

Oops, wrong link!! Should be click here

  RickB 19:10 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for that, but, and you must forgive me here - how does a "Broadband Availability Checker" give the cartridges a work out??!! Could you check the link you sent me - sounds useful so i'd really like to give it a go.


  Jackcoms 19:12 14 Sep 2006

Read my post of 19:08

  RickB 19:14 14 Sep 2006

Thanks that one's much better! I'll try sluicing the head through and fitting a complete set of new cartridges, i think some of the ink has syphoned from one cartridge into another - the yellow has gone a nasty shade of brown!

  RickB 19:55 14 Sep 2006

Sorry - can't find it. Any clues?

  Jackcoms 19:59 14 Sep 2006

Can't find what???

  RickB 20:04 14 Sep 2006

Ok - i'm being stupid again. Thanks again for your help.

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