compatible inkjet cartridges

  osborne 12:23 01 Apr 2003

As genuine printer manufacturer's inkjet cartridges are so expensive, is it advisable to use compatibles?

  mole44 12:31 01 Apr 2003

printer manufactures sell there printers below cost hoping to make up the difference with cartride can use a compatable cartridges there almost as good.i use pc world ones on my epson 600 and they work just fine.

  Andsome 12:37 01 Apr 2003

You will get the usual mix of answers to this one, it has already been done to death. Some use compatibles with no bother at all, while others just about wreck their printers. A large percentage of problems regarding printers on this site are posted by people using compatibles. You can get genuine original cartridges from click here and click here at prices way below list, with no VAT added. Both company's are in Guernsy.

  woodchip 12:55 01 Apr 2003

These are what I use check the price for yours click here

  Andsome 13:32 01 Apr 2003

Correct me if I am wrong, but I cannot find any genuine original cartridges on this site for an Epson Photo 830.

  woodchip 16:01 01 Apr 2003

I only use compatibles, as that is what osborne asked about mine is a Epson 680

  €dstow 16:13 01 Apr 2003

An appreciable amount of the space of this forum is taken up discussing the merits or otherwise of compatible cartridges or refills most likely with an equal number of for's and against's.

Obviously the genuine article is to be preferred and buying from 7dayshop or MX2 as Andsome recommends) seems to be the cheapest way of doing this. If you do decide to use a compatible, find a brand you prefer and keep to it. As to the compatible brands themselves, what may be rubbish to one may be the proverbial bee's knee's to another and only you can decide.

As far as I'm concerned, we only use the genuine article. Our clients are paying for it so it's only fair that they get it.


  woodchip 16:21 01 Apr 2003

And to Add to €dstow's comments above get two cleaning cartridges and use on a regular basis, do not wait until it will not work jet's blocked

  alben 19:20 01 Apr 2003

I also use compatibles for my epsom 680 from the same source as woodchip, never had a problem so far.

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