Compatible ink & Epson printer

  exdragon 19:52 12 Apr 2011

Hi - For some reason, my Epson SX600FW has decided to complain about the compatible black ink cartridge I put in about three weeks ago. It seems to be happy with the other two compatible colours I put in last week.

This is the second black I've used, and this is the only problem I've had, so is there any way to convince the printer to accept this cuckoo?

  spuds 20:02 12 Apr 2011

There could be a number of reasons for this problem. What I would suggest that you do is contact the seller of the compatibles and see what they suggest. Alternatively you could try another black replacement, and see if that resolves the issue.

  exdragon 22:08 12 Apr 2011

Just seems odd that it can get through one and a half blacks before getting tetchy, not to mention the coloured ones (same brand).

  proudfoot 11:46 13 Apr 2011

I used to use Epson Printers some time ago. They seem to be very particular about using compatible inks and tended to be always asking for a head clean which of course uses up ink repidly. I decided to cut my losses and buy a new Brother printer which is quite happy with compatibles and my source of supply Internet Ink supply cartridges with double quantity for my printer. My present inks have been in for so long I cant remember when i last changed them

  Sapins 14:35 13 Apr 2011

Try removing the cartridge and replacing it, you sometimes have to do this a few times.

  johndrew 15:47 13 Apr 2011

Sometimes it is necessary to reset the printer and then insert the cartridge link text

There are also some software utilities that may help link text

And sometimes it is the cartridge that needs resetting using one of these link text

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