Compatible Games Controllers

  ponytail 17:51 09 Dec 2012

I have installed some PC games which are mostly flight simulator or car games.I have tried using my XBOX 360 controller but when I inserted the software it said it was incompatible with this version of windows (windows 7 )I also have a Logitek attack 3 joystick but nothing happens when it is connected and cannot seem to find my user manual.Can someone advise on either of these two items or suggest something suitable to use.Almost forgot I also a Saitek P2500 Rumble Force which I have not tried yet.

  ponytail 18:44 09 Dec 2012

Hi retep888 Just followed your link and it says this version of software is already installed.I seem to remember downloding ome software.Another thing I plugged my Logitek joystick in as per instructions which say insert the USB connector then follow the on screen instructions but nothing happens any ideas

  ponytail 09:42 10 Dec 2012

Hi retep888 How do I check the in games settings as have neverdone that

  ponytail 11:52 10 Dec 2012

HI Chronos the 2nd One of the games is Microsoft flight simulator X and the control options are XBOX 360,Mouse,Joystick or Keyboard have tried all of them and none seems to work.Is it possible the game is not compatible with Windows 7.I have several games and not sure if they work with windows 7.They are Test Drive unlimited,V-Rally 2 Expert Edition,Dirt 2 andIndyCar Series.How do I check if they are compatible with windows 7.I played these games when I had my desktop which ran XP but now not sure about windows 7

  ponytail 13:13 10 Dec 2012

Hi Chronos the 2nd you may think it silly but where do I find the games.exe I only have the one game installed at present which is the Micosoft flight simulator game.I downloaded the latest driver for the Saitek controller which is for windows 7 64 bit but it does not appear to control the game.Thanks for this advice

  ponytail 15:11 10 Dec 2012

Hi again Chronos the 2nd have just done what you advised but when I went into into compatibilty it says XP Service Pack 2 and XP service pack 3 which do I choose.

  ponytail 15:11 10 Dec 2012

Hi again what controller do you use

  ponytail 17:04 10 Dec 2012

I presume I can do this with all my games as they all worked whenI was using XP

  ponytail 08:19 11 Dec 2012

Hi Chronos the 2nd Only just read your latestreply but asI am just going off to work will try it this evening and will let you know what happens

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