Compatible DVD player for Xp or.............

  [DELETED] 19:42 01 Oct 2003

Can anyone recommend (cheap) DVD player software that is fully compatible with Win Xp.
Win DVD 2000 locks up and with Win DVD 5 (trial version) I get sound but no picture! - or am I doing something wrong? Maybe a software conflict.
Any advice is appreciated.

  powerless 19:53 01 Oct 2003
  powerless 19:55 01 Oct 2003

Oh go to start, run, type:

dvdupgrd /detect

Click ok.

It should tell you if a DVD decoder is installed.

  [DELETED] 20:02 01 Oct 2003

Yep! DVD decoder is installed, tried to use InterActual player and that says I have an error with the audio subsystem.
How can I check what programs are running in the backgroung with Xp? I am new to Xp and the old "control/alt/delete" doesn't do the same as '98.

  [DELETED] 20:06 01 Oct 2003

Do you use a radeon graphics card?

  [DELETED] 20:09 01 Oct 2003

No, graphics is nvidia mx440... Sound is creative audigy platinum running with 512Mb 2700 ram on P4 2.4Ghz cpu......................

  [DELETED] 20:14 01 Oct 2003

That blows my theory to bits. Something like this happens on the Radeon 7500.Not an issue here though.

  [DELETED] 20:16 01 Oct 2003

click here

Download NVIDIA NDVD Trial and see if that works. Designed for GEForce cards.

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