Compatible AGP 4x Graphics Card

  climb45 11:43 01 Apr 2011

I have a Radeon 9700 AGP 4x graphics card which needs replacing, but I have read conflicting reports on whether currently available AGP 8x cards are compatible. The specs of the AGP bus are as follows:

Bus Speed: 66MHz
AGP Connector Size: 172 pins
AGP Connector Data Width (Maximum): 32bits
Bus Protocols: 4x/2x modes at 1.5V

Can anyone advise which of these I need to consider? Is the power draw an issue?

  climb45 15:29 01 Apr 2011

I have now found a Radeon 9250 AGP card on Amazon that is specifically advertised as 4x/8x and a perfectly adequate spec for my graphically undemanding usage.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond MAT ALAN - greatly appreciated.

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