Compatibility Wizard and XP Home

  Pathologist 14:23 01 Mar 2005

I'm thinking of upgrading my computer, which runs 98SE. My potential new computer will almost certainly come with XP Home installed. Does this version have the Compatibility Wizard? Will I need the XP CD to use it?

  Happy Soul 14:35 01 Mar 2005

It has compatibility mode but some of your older programs may still not work.

  Pathologist 14:39 01 Mar 2005

Thanks. My programs are not really old - WordPerfect11 for instance. I was just apprehensive about the possiblity of loosing it. I'll probably 'risk' it! Thanks again.

  961 14:40 01 Mar 2005

Don't quite follow if you are going to upgrade the existing computer or buy another new one

Usually if you are going to upgrade the existing computer by purchasing an upgrade to XP the disk will arrange to examine what programmes are on the computer and advise you which programmes will not work and then consider which bits of the existing hardware need new drivers to work with XP. It will then produce a report so that you can download new drivers or programme upgrades before you install XP

I believe you can scan your existing computer via the Microsoft website before you buy the disk

If you buy a new computer it is merely a question of installing the existing programmes onto the new computer. Many recent programmes will work even if Microsoft suggests that they won't

  Pathologist 14:45 01 Mar 2005

It will be a new computer, but probably without an XP installation disk - Dell for instance won't supply one until I need it!

  961 14:53 01 Mar 2005

If it is a new computer then don't worry. Many programmes work on XP even though they may not have been "approved" by Microsoft. With something like Wordperfect I suggest you look on their site and see if you can upgrade cheaply if necessary by e-mailing them and saying if you can't you'll get the Microsoft equivalent (works suite inc. word) if they won't come across with a good deal. The alternative is to look for an OEM edition disk from e-bay or similar

My understanding was that Dell supplied a recovery disk which did, in fact, include a copy of Windows, although they don't advertise the fact. Check with them. If pressed to secure a sale they will, I am sure, sort something out

  Happy Soul 15:05 01 Mar 2005

I should have added, it's mainly games where you may find a problem, even in compatibility mode.

  Pathologist 17:33 01 Mar 2005

Thanks again. I asked Dell if XP Home did have the simulation/compatability facility. They didn't seem to know what I was talking about. They promised to ring back 'within half an hour'. 6 hours later and I'm still waiting.
Thanks again. I think you've all answered my problem. I'll mark this as 'resolved'.

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