Cortina 16:24 17 Oct 2004

Quick bit of advice please - My PC uses USB 1.0 does this mean that any hardware purchased must be USB 1.0 compatible or will USB 2.0 work with my PC

  harps1h 16:30 17 Oct 2004

your add-ons must use usb 1. it is only if your ports are usb 2 is there any backwards compatability

  mgmcc 16:49 17 Oct 2004

USB2 devices will work with USB1.1 but at the slower speed of 1.1 (12Mbps compared to 480Mbps) and you will get a message displayed on screen advising that you have, quote, "HIGH-SPEED USB device Attached to non-HIGH-SPEED Hub".

  mgmcc 16:51 17 Oct 2004

P.S. I assume you have USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and not 1.0 (1.5Mbps)!

  Dorsai 16:54 17 Oct 2004

I thought that USB 1 and USB 2 were both foward AND backward conpatibale..

  Dorsai 17:04 17 Oct 2004

Which means..

If you have a USB 2 PC, USB 1 Addons work, at USB 1 speed...

if you have a USB 1 PC, USB 2 Addons work, at USB 1 Speed....

If you have a USB 1 PC, USB 1 Addons work at USB 1 speed.

If you have a USB 2 PC, USB 2 Addons work at USB 2 speed.

So i thought.

  spuds 18:07 17 Oct 2004

A little information on USB1/USB2/Firewire click here

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