compatable print cartridges

  *Raven* 14:41 02 Jul 2013

hi can you kind members make any recommendations?

  *Raven* 14:41 02 Jul 2013

names of suppliers

  bumpkin 14:48 02 Jul 2013

7 day shop.

  *Raven* 14:55 02 Jul 2013

thanks for that,there was one ive used before based in channel islands but cant remember name.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 02 Jul 2013

just look at the adverts at the bottom of his page

  wee eddie 15:49 02 Jul 2013

VAT rules have changed. There is now little/no advantage to be being based in the Channel Islands.

I have always used Choice and their Own Brand worked well with my Canon. However I'm now using a Laser and, when the time comes, will do the rounds, but will use Choice unless their price is grossly uncompetitive.

  Nontek 16:07 02 Jul 2013

I use both Choice and INKredible with my Epson, never had any problems. (Upper-case INK is intentional.)

  spuds 16:54 02 Jul 2013

Over the years I have used a number of compatible cartridge suppliers, and in the main there wasn't a great deal different between any of them. Choice was a company I supported at one stage, but after a slight ignoring of an email due to a problem I went elsewhere.

I have also tried the local 'refill' shops that seemed to spring into life, but alas most of these in my location have since gone out of business.

Since purchasing my last printer, a Brother DCP-135C, I have obtained all the ink supplies for that printer from eBay, at much cheaper prices than elsewhere. Never had any problems so far,touch wood.

Some people on this forum have previously suggested Tesco branded Jettec.

  Ian in Northampton 17:01 02 Jul 2013

I've never had a problem with JetTec. I believe they make the major supermarkets' own brand cartridges. A bit moire expensive than most compatible cartridges, but in my experience more reliable.

  BT 17:34 02 Jul 2013

Inkfactory have 2 for 1 deals on lots of Jettec cartridges at the moment.


Jettec have better volumes of ink than the THINK carts that Choice sell. Almost twice as much in most cases.

  ICF 20:11 02 Jul 2013


Always use these never had any problems

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