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  Eddie 2425 18:54 05 May 2011

I have an old program which worked on win 98 and win xp but doea not work on win7, anything I can do or is it one for the bin Eddie

  BurrWalnut 19:13 05 May 2011

You could try to install the program in compatibility mode. Right-click on the installation file (probably setup.exe) > Properties > Compatibility Tab. Now choose to run it in XP compatibility mode then Apply > OK. Right-click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install it.

To be able to run the program in compatibility mode, you have to change the compatibility settings. Right-click on the shortcut (or the .exe file or its name in the All Programs menu) > Properties > Compatibility Tab. Now choose to run it in XP compatibility then Apply > OK. Also, you may need to tick ‘Run this program as an administrator‘.

  Eddie 2425 19:36 05 May 2011

Hi thanks Burrwalnut tried that got as far as Run as administrator, but nothing else happens, there is no shortcut and no name in the all programs? Eddie

  canarieslover 19:42 05 May 2011

You can always try Virtualbox Free Download which will let you install an OS within it so you could always put on XP or Win98 and run it as a separate machine without resorting to dual booting. You can then install and run your software without problems.

  Eddie 2425 20:52 05 May 2011

hi canarieslover ok downloaded the program but only get as far as xp install press f8 and nothing happens any ideas Eddie

  canarieslover 07:40 06 May 2011

That is when you need to put your XP disc in and install the operating system. Here is the User manual

  Eddie 2425 19:44 07 May 2011

Hi canarieslover sorry for the delay in replying but I downloaded the program ok I installed the xp disc it loads so far then say's press F8 ,but when I do that nothing happens it just stops. Eddie

  canarieslover 20:00 07 May 2011

I haven't come across that problem. After installing Virtualbox I have just created a new Virtual Machine and then used that exactly like you would an empty hard drive to install an O.S. on.

  Terry Brown 20:00 07 May 2011

First create a Virtual drive (from Microsoft)

Download the Win 98 virtual machine at

This will download a version of windows 98 that will run as a virtual machine in windows 7. You will need the original licence number to activate it.

This is in the RAR format using (Winzip for Windows 7) Go to the windows Virtual machine window and click create Virtual Machine. Follow wizard until you get to 'Add virtual hard disk', select browse and find the windows 98 hard dik.vhd program. Click create and you are ready to run

It may report hardware / driver errors , but these can be ignored.


  Eddie 2425 18:32 08 May 2011

Hi Terry I have also downloaded that program , but I cant find it, tried in the start menus and search menu , when I tried to download it again it says already installed, any ideas where to find it, also tried control panel and programs. One other point is in microsofts tutorial it says you need win7 proffessional. fao canarieslover tried again loads up installs xp drivers etc get to the same place ie accept microsoft terms press F8 again nothing happens thanks Eddie

  Eddie 2425 19:47 08 May 2011

Hi THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR HELP Canarieslover I had another go at downloading your program got to F8 again, but this time I found out that numbers lock on the keyboard was what was stopping me from pressing F8, so stupid argghh, now downloaded and installed xp and the program that I initially wanted also works I feel so stupid for something so trivial stopping me. I hope this does help any else who might have the same problem. MANY THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR HELP EDDIE

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