Compatability issues with linux and windows

  jono_2003 17:40 12 Jul 2003

Hi, I want to dual boot my existing windows 98 pc with a version of linux - how compatable are the two? Can linux use the same file system as windows?

  powerless 18:19 12 Jul 2003

Compatibilty does not reslly come into it as bother operating systems are different. They can be run along side each other.

"Can linux use the same file system as windows?" - It uses it's own file system. It will format the drive (or partition) to its own file system.

  jono_2003 20:11 12 Jul 2003

I have heard that (red hat 7.0 i think)linux can be installed without repartitioning your hard disk?

  powerless 20:16 12 Jul 2003

Never tried 7 but the ones i have tried you do need to partition your HDD.

  dth 22:22 12 Jul 2003

Most Linux installations will automatically set up their own partition (using ext2 or ext3xt3 filing syetm) within the existing partitions.

Linux works fine with Windows systems that use use FAT32 - so there is no problem in reading info from your windows partition when using Linux. It doesn't work the other way round though as Windows ignores Linux .

  askgreg 23:22 12 Jul 2003

I agree dth ,I also have no problems running 98 and 'Red Hat Linux'.I've also tried 'Mandrake' with no problems.The only real problem that I have had, is with 'Win' modems, you will find it difficult to make them work.

  woodchip 23:35 12 Jul 2003

I would suggest you do some research on linux, before you even attempt to load here
click here
click here

  jono_2003 20:03 13 Jul 2003


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