Compatability of burned discs with DVD players?

  Mike Plant 16:54 06 May 2005

Will be grateful for help,as I am virtually non tech re computing. I can successfully burn on to DVD-R from my C drive [movies downloaded] but these will only play back on a computer,as far as I can see. Are there ways of playing back on commercial DVD players? i note the blank DVD-R disc claims two hours of video,whereas the computer is able to record probably 10/12 hours on the same disc. Are they totally incompatible??

  SEASHANTY 17:03 06 May 2005

DVD-R discs need to be finalised - see this Samsung webpage click here Probably in the tools menu of your burning prog you will find the option to "finalise disc".

  billbod 19:06 06 May 2005

Try a different disk to burn with,not all disks are compatable with home here
click here

Try a starter pack from an online blank disk store
You get 5/6 different disks burn each disk and try on your dvd .When you find 1 that works ,you can order those disks.Its all trial and error really,i know went through it a couple of yrs ago.Another good resource for info is
click here
Hope this helps and good luck

  billbod 19:07 06 May 2005

Just a thought what burning software are you using?

  jack 20:22 06 May 2005

Set Top DVD players and burned discs of all formats
are a minefield not withstanding claims in the manual of the various players.

I have found the follwing.

Not all DVD players will run PC generated slide showprograms in CD-R or DVD.

For example a DVD I cut with a slide show with music runs very well on my cheapo Phillips from ASDA.
But is rejected as unknown by a mates posh player
A friend in France regularaly sends me his latest master piece- some time the will play sometimes they will not, and as I circulate them around my friends so I get some some wont with no rhyme or reason as far as I can make out so far.
Two things are certain seemingly
If you simply load a disc with JPEG images then the average cutrrent player will run them in its own slideshow.
Discs burned to ISO 9660 standard seem to have a higher hit rate.

  helmetshine 22:00 06 May 2005

Mike Plant
I think the problem is you are burning the films in the format they were d/loaded in,normally AVI or MPG,most DVD players won't play these files,you need to convert them to the proper format.If you're using Nero choose the option Make Your Own DVD-Video.On the last screen before you burn it go to settings and uncheck Burn Disc at Once as this cause problems in some versions.Once you'ce clicked burn it will first transcode the file into the right format and then burn it to disc.You also need to check what disc format,either +R or -R,your player supports.

  SANTOS7 22:27 06 May 2005

want to know about DVDs click here

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