Comparison - Spyblocker/Ad-Aware/Spyblaster/Spybot

  Scouter 20:11 05 Aug 2004

With the ever increasing need for users to be more "aware" of keyloggers, spyware etc what do forum members recommend (tools/utils) to prevent adware/spyware etc being dumped on the users system.

Apart from Zone Alarm Pro (V5.0.11)and AVG (V7) I have made use of Spyblaster/Spybot - Ad-Aware 6 and Pest Patrol. I am contemplating moving to Spyblocker as it appears to do all that the combined Ad-aware/Spyblaster/Spybot does.

Does any member have views good or bad about spyblocker?

  Graham ® 20:47 05 Aug 2004

These programs all rely on an increasing list of spyware which need to be updated regularly. That's why some will find things others don't. How they do it for the money is a mystery.

  zootmo 21:12 05 Aug 2004

I can't speak for Spyblocker since I've not used it. But Adaware and Spybot S&D both work alongside one another on this machine o.k.. If software works,and does the job you want it to do, I don't see a benefit of changing to another, and risking conflicts and potential problems on your computer.

You can never know what problems you might have, until you actually install new software, usually it's all o.k. But sometimes you get a real clunker of a program on board and you wished you'd not bothered.

  Djohn 21:35 05 Aug 2004

Using Addaware and Spybot S&D 1.3 has always worked fine for me. What one misses the other will catch.

Always ran a scan with both every other night and between them would find roughly 24-30 addware cookies or links to remove from the system.

Downloaded "Spywareblaster" and over the next few days it reduced the finds to less the ten or so. Each scan over the past few weeks has found less each time until Monday of this week when both programs found nothing at all to clean off the PC.

Have run every night since Monday with the same result so can throughly recommend Spywareblaster and the other two applications to keep your PC clean. I also use AVG for anti-virus. click here for free download of Spywareblaster

  Scouter 22:01 05 Aug 2004

Graham ®
noted and thanks ofr the reply

I've used Spybot S&D and was considering making a donation as I have registered Ad-Aware. However as I was clearing out my old Arcgive CD's (from 1996 to 2002). I came across Spyblocker - which I had registered them - but dropped due to conflicts with Norton. (Spyb;oket v4.5. As the licence is a lifetime upgrade licence I toyed with the idea of updating to V8 and testing it out. Thanks for the advice.


See my reply to ZOOTMO - I have used spywareblaster in conjunction with Spyboy S&D (althought I see I referred to is a spyblaster in my original message. Although I have teh same experience as you and faith in spybot etc, I was looking to see if anyone had tried spyblocker and what their views were.

Thanks to all for taking the time to reply

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