Comparing Intel with AMD

  Belinda 17:37 04 Nov 2008

I've been away from PCs and work for ages due to ill-health. I now have to buy a new PC for husband's business and I'm completely out of touch with processors (as well as everything else!). Does anyone know where I can see a chart comparing AMD and Intel processors and their performances?

We need to run XP and not Vista for compatibility with business software.

If anyone has any helpful recommendations on processors, or systems suppliers I'd be grateful!

Thank you.

  skidzy 17:42 04 Nov 2008

I think the first question Belinda is;

How intense are the programs you wish to use as this will have a telling factor on the choice of cpu not to mention plenty of ram.

This should answer a lot of questions Belinda click here just click on..lets say mid range cpu's

  Belinda 17:49 04 Nov 2008

That's exactly what I needed - thank you!

We do have a couple of rather clunky applications - I think the choice of CPU is going to be made on the basis of the fastest one I can get with my budget!

  skidzy 18:04 04 Nov 2008

Obviously your motherboard is a major factor also,depending on the cpu choice and compatibility ,assuming you are planning an upgrade.

If its a new system your after,let us know your budget and we can find something for you.

We all have our favorite outlets such as Ebuyer/Novatech/Scan/Misco/Dell etc

  Belinda 18:21 04 Nov 2008

Thank you, Skidzy. It's going to be a brand new PC. Budget is approx £450 to include XP O/S but no peripherals or software as we already have what we need.

I do use Novatech and am using their Isys Ex as a benchmark with which to compare the competition. All advice welcome! :0)

  skidzy 18:48 04 Nov 2008

£399 click here Excellent value,i know it says Vista,but a phone call to Dell and ask if xp can be installed for you.
I know they were doing this,but not sure now-sorry.

Cheaper option with xp pro click here

Dual boot system click here though harddrive is a little small and is small form factor.

If on a tight budget and not wanting to be spending over,here is a little gem from Novatech Isys EX Pro click here

But overall,this is the best buy though you need to add the os (xp) once you select it comes out at £445
Isys Elite Pro (PC-1186) £386.57 click here

Others may have there

  Belinda 18:59 04 Nov 2008

Skidsy, you're a star. Thank you.

  skidzy 19:17 04 Nov 2008

oops typo;

Others may have there own ideas :-)

Good luck Belinda,if you decide to buy any of the above,let us know how you get along.

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