Compare graphic cards, which is better?

  MAJ 21:09 17 Oct 2013

Not being a gamer and having no interest in graphic cards I'm at a bit of a loss. My little nephew wants to play games on his PC, farming simulators, grand theft auto, etc. so his mother is going to buy him a new desktop PC to play the games on. Two PCs look okay price-wise for him.

  1. has the AMD FX-6300 6 Core Bulldozer CPU running at 3.7 GHz and using an AMD Radeon 6670 2GB card. (no operating system) click here has the i3-3240 CPU teamed with the NVidia GTX 650 card. click here PCs have 8GB of RAM installed.

Any ideas on which is the better one to go for, gaming-wise?

Many thanks in advance.

2. Both

  rdave13 21:41 17 Oct 2013

Well, if you can stretch to a hundred squids again (possibly also delivery charges on top?) I'd go for this, Chillblast and note it comes with OS and a decent GPU and Psu.

The other two are ok for the price. The one I've suggested is only 'middle of the road' gaming machine.

  chub_tor 22:14 17 Oct 2013
  MAJ 22:42 17 Oct 2013

Nice one, chub_tor, just what I was looking for.

Thanks also, rdave13, but I think he has reached his budget's limit.

  rdave13 23:01 17 Oct 2013

MAJ , be very very careful. Both your links show cheaper PC games machines. One does show the PCU output the other one doesn't. Seeing that you are going for a relatively high cost for a gaming machine, and especially for a youngster, I would think twice. Seriously.

Thanks for your feedback.

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