Compare ATI and nvidia

  Thatslife 12:39 29 Jun 2007

My new PC came with a 512MB ATI Radeon X1650 SE Graphics card.

I've never had an ATI Radeon before, preferring nvidia chips.

Would someone let me know what a comparable nvidia card would be????



  brundle 12:52 29 Jun 2007
  Thatslife 12:53 29 Jun 2007

Thanks brundle

  Totally-braindead 12:56 29 Jun 2007

I might be wrong here but is the SE edition of the card not a cut down version of the full card and therefore not as good?

  keef66 13:02 29 Jun 2007

That's right, SE in ATI language generally means slower or cut down in some way.

It's all relative though; the X1650SE will be better than anything in the X1300 series for instance

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