Compare 2 different AMD Processors

  DJ-Garry 12:16 20 Oct 2013

Hi guys :)

I'm helping my lad buy his first gaming PC, and he has a budget of £500 (not bad for his own savings being only 15yrs old). We've narrowed it down to two ready built base units from eBuyer, similar price and similar spec, apart from having two different types of AMD processor. Not being up to speed (sorry, no pun intended) on all the varied pc brains out there these days, I was wondering if anyone could offer a simple explanation of which of these two AMD chips is better?

AMD A6-6400K 4.1GHz and the AMD QC FX 4350 4.2GHz

In the spec for the base units themselves, it states that both machines use 4 core chips, but looking further about the chips individually, am I right in thinking the A6 is only 2 cores and therefore much less powerful?

Many thanks for your help with this people...... Garry.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:57 20 Oct 2013

A comparison of the two CPUs here.

  northumbria61 15:36 20 Oct 2013

Why not have a look here - you can always email them for advice (top right of screen) Nothing against E-Buyer, I make lots of purchases from them, just giving you more options - Chillblast Systems

  DJ-Garry 11:21 23 Oct 2013

Thanks for your help guys. He went for the second eBuyer option with the AMD FX 4350 chip in the end .... He's very happy with it :)

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