Comparative costs of Printer Cleaning

  wee eddie 13:55 26 Apr 2010

We are, almost all, familiar with the amount of Ink wasted, by Inkjet Printers, when they first turn on and cycle a Print Head Cleaning Routine.

However, do Laser Printers go through a similar sort of routine, or perhaps have any other Toner wasting habits?

I think that I am pretty well aware of the 'Cost per Page' differentials and the quality differences when comparing the representation of Colour Photos.

  Woolwell 14:00 26 Apr 2010

I am not aware of any toner wasting habits but with any laser you need to look at the cost of the toner and how many pages it is good for. Some will be for example 2500 pages other 5000 pages or more. Then there is the cost of a replacement drum and other parts which all have a lifecycle.

  woodchip 14:05 26 Apr 2010

Laser do not clean at all. I have a Samsung Mono Laser ML-4500 and a Epson 1100c Colour Laser that does photos on copy paper

  woodchip 14:06 26 Apr 2010

They take a while to warm up, about same time as a clean on inkjet

  Rahere 14:30 26 Apr 2010

There is usually some excess, it is saved in a waste tank, because toner is dangerous needs to be disposed of carefully.

  Woolwell 17:08 26 Apr 2010

Don't think that my mono laser has a waste tank. There aren't any instructions about one and my previous one was like that too. I return my laser cartridges free of charge for recycling.

  woodchip 21:42 26 Apr 2010

there is no excess, nor any wast tanks. they just do not need them

  woodchip 21:45 26 Apr 2010

The only time it is dangerous is when its printing doing the fusing of toner. this is why they did not ought to be used in a small room. its bad for breathing in

  wee eddie 01:39 27 Apr 2010

I turn it on ~ it cleans itself ~ I print 1 letter ~ I turn it off for a couple of days, and so on, ad infinitum.

I get the impression that I am not making optimum use of the inks. Even, possibly, wasting a lot of it during all those Cleaning Cycles.

  jack 09:27 27 Apr 2010

My Samsung colour has a waste tank though little was deposited therein but it is listed as a replaceable part just as toners/drums etc.
Its replacement
The Dell 1320 has not got such as far I can tell
But as it runs OK straight out of the Box - I am happy to 'Ain't Broke Don't Fix.

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