compaq presario v6500 laptop wont boot

  [DELETED] 15:18 26 Jun 2012

hi, i have a compaq v6500 laptop that Ive rebuilt that was working fine even put a new lamp in the display, and now it will only boot to the start screen. have tried linux on a usb stick but no joy. have a new battery and power supply but no difference. is the motherboard a gonner, as i found another one to install which worked fine for a week then failed. the only thing I have reused on both boards is the ram and the cpu. had it running on windows 7 just fine but then wallop nothing. Is there anything i can do or is it another board job or indeed the bin..advice would really help. thanks

  northumbria61 16:13 26 Jun 2012

Try this - Remove battery and press on holding power button for 1 minute then connect adapter to it followed by pressing power button. Now make a shutdown ,connect battery and adapter.

Or if the problem has just occurred recently you could boot into safe mode and do a system restore.

Also take a look here enter link description here

  [DELETED] 16:30 26 Jun 2012

Will only go to bios logo cant get into bios windows doesnt start. Any ideas?

  northumbria61 16:35 26 Jun 2012

It doesn't look good. Do you have the Windows 7 install disc? You could boot from that and try a REPAIR.

  Nontek 17:42 26 Jun 2012

Try a new CMOS battery. I had an old Presario some time ago which would not boot - a new CMOS battery was all it needed.

  [DELETED] 13:35 29 Jun 2012

tried the windows disc, and the cmos battery, the battery enabled me to bet into another bios screen but nothing from there. Could it be the bios chip ? the windows disc sadly didnt work, any ideas would be good thanks

  northumbria61 14:02 29 Jun 2012

In the BIOS are you able to get into the screen that would allow you to reset to DEFAULT settings?

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