Compaq Presario Upgrade

  Pres5290 22:18 19 Jan 2003
  Pres5290 22:18 19 Jan 2003

I own a COMPAQ PRESARIO 5290 which I have been upgrading. I have upgraded the RAM from 128MB to the maximum 768MB. I have also upgraded the graphics card from a Nvidia GForce2 32MB to a 3D Blaster4 Ti4200 64MB.

I am keen on playing memory detailed games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and for it to run perfectly, I really need a processor upgrade.

My current processor is a AMD Athlon 1000 1Ghz with 128 KB primary memory cache and 256 KB secondary memory cache. My motherboard is a Compaq 06E4H with a bus clock of 100 megahertz and BIOS 786K1 (whatever that means!).

Please - What processor would I need? How much would it cost? and what would I need to do to install it (apart from putting it in the computer?.

Many thanks!


  Lozzy 22:25 19 Jan 2003

Have a look in compaq's web site for details

  Pres5290 22:31 19 Jan 2003

Thanx! I've looked there though and I could not find the answers to these questions! Any other ideas? Cheers! BZ

  Lozzy 22:33 19 Jan 2003

Try HP's site failing that go to a good PC shop where you can get some sort of guarantee so you don't waste your dosh

  Pres5290 22:36 19 Jan 2003

Okay cheers. No luck with Compaq/HP site. Anyone else have any ideas though before I give in to PC World etc?!?! BZ

  AMD 4 ever 23:38 19 Jan 2003

It is tricky...If the budget suits then prob best to do a Mobo,CPU,Ram upgrade than rely too much on the CPU upgrade...eventually it will cause another bottleneck!

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