Compaq Presario - Non Boot

  Bodi 10:45 27 Apr 2003

Has anyone any suggestions as to what may be the problem with the following:

Compaq Presario 450, Pentium 230MMX chip, intergrated sound & graphcis, 48MB memory, Compaq 24X CD-ROM, 4 GB Quantum Big Foot Hard Drive, Floppy Drive.

This computer will not boot beyond admitting coyly that it is a Compaq! Occasionally, by depressing F10 and holding it down, and switching on, it will come up with the BIOS. Irrespective of what device is chosen for boot purpose, CD-ROM, Hard Drive or Floppy Drive, on reboot, only the Compaq screen shows.

The Hard Drive has been tested and is OK. The floppy doesn't work, and the CD-ROM's (slot device) eject mechanism is unreliable. Yes OK, the machine is very sick, but belongs to a student on a tight budget.

Have tried booting from a new CD-ROM drive/Floppy Drive, and the hard drive newly formatted and Fdisked. (There should be a recovery disk, but it appears that it is lost). The machine seems to be trying to boot, but then gives up the ghost and just sits there.

Before I strip this machine down, and repair another with the usuable parts, can anyone please suggest anything else? - It has never been a client on a network.

  Bodi 12:11 27 Apr 2003

Anyone suggest where I can get a "Recovery Disk"?

Worth a try?

  Chegs ™ 13:43 27 Apr 2003

Presario's tend to be very finicky machines.I had a Compaq that I inadvertantly removed its hidden partition containing its "restore" system,and I spent weeks d/loading all the drivers for it from the Compaq site.I was given a new set of restore cds,I had an engineer call and he was unable to get the pc to load up the restore cds.I fought on with it for several mths,eventually I got it to accept the restore cds,but it was never 100%(crashing inexplicably/unexpectedly)If your friends pc had a larger HDD,I will send you my spare set of restore cds,but they need a minimum HDD of 15GB.The other hardware is likely to be usable in a Compaq only(mine was fitted with Compaqs own connectors)Sorry cannot be much help,but would recommend disposing of the Compaq.

  Bodi 14:15 27 Apr 2003

Think you're probably right Chegs ™, I'll scrap the Compaq and see if I can fit the 230MMX into a PA2005 Board (running a Pentium 120). At the worst, if it has an Appollo 580 Chipset (66Mhz max), I can at least get the 230 running at 200Mhz - I do know that multiplier on this board only goes up to 3. If it's a 585 Chipset,(75Mhz) should get it to run OK. Only will have to alter the voltage, the MMX chip runs at 2.8V and the Pentium 120 3.4V.

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.


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