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compaq presario cq61 laptop reset

  Luke w 14:13 29 Sep 2018

hi im trying to reset a windows 7 compaq presario cq61 laptop to factory settings. i get to the recovery manager but i displays a message which says the laptop needs to be plugged into an ac power outlet even no it is plugged in. the charger i have been given is a replacement charger so would this be the problem and if it is, is there anything i can do to get around this message?

  Taff™ 14:56 30 Sep 2018

Try removing the battery and leave it plugged into mains.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 30 Sep 2018

Is it just a warning message are you given an option to continue?

  Taff™ 09:40 01 Oct 2018

Not with that one - until the laptop recognises a valid charger present you can't continue. My suggestion was to test if the battery was removed it might work - that model frequently has a problem with the battery recognition particularly with regard to charging.

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