compaq presario

  chippy+ 16:38 19 Jan 2007

hi can anyone help, my daughter has the above pc i would like to install acronis true image so that i can save an image of her drive on my external drive for emergencies, how do i do this i can and do save images for my own pc but my daughter's pc has her xp os but also a fat32 partition for her rescue discs which i have made i have never saved an image in this situation before, the emergency discs take the pc back to factory settings which means i have to reinstall sp2,and all her programs ect. thanks Chippy

  PaulB2005 16:41 19 Jan 2007

Buy and install a copy of Acronis True Image for your daughters PC, plug in the USB drive, run Acronis True Image and make an image of the C Drive onto the USB Drive.

If you already do this for your own PC, why can't you do it for hers? If ATI will make an image of the FAT32 partition then you can do that too, but if you have an image of the C Drive you don't really need to.

You'll also have to make a bootable rescue dis for her PC too.

  chippy+ 19:06 19 Jan 2007

hi PaulB2005
ican make an image for her my question is if i create an image of the c drive will or wont the fat drive be coppied in as well or will i lose the fat drive i have made a set of rescue discs so do i require the fat32 drive thanks again Chippy

  countryboy 19:29 19 Jan 2007

Hello Paul2005, like your daughter I have a compact presario, and somewhare in all the info that you get with it you may find that once you have made a set of recovery disks, ie copied the FAT 32 partition, you can delete the partition using the HP tools provided on the tools disk that you can also make.

  [email protected] 19:31 19 Jan 2007

i too have one! have never figured out how to make the tools disk though!

  countryboy 19:38 19 Jan 2007

on mine its Programs, PC help and tools, Compact Recovery CD.

  [email protected] 19:45 19 Jan 2007

cant get it to work, dont want to hijack, so i'll bump this and start my own thread

  PaulB2005 08:48 20 Jan 2007

You only need to image the C Drive partition. The FAT32 partition is only used to restore the PC. However you can Image both partitions seperately or in one Image. Just tick both partitions when prompted by the program to make an Image with both partitions.

Just make sure if you use the Image to restore the PC you put the right one in the right place.

  chippy+ 11:04 20 Jan 2007

HI thanks to all
I have made recovery discs and a ATI bootable recovery disc thanks for all the information Chippy

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