Compaq mini netbook 702EA to factory Settings

  julius44 20:15 09 Jun 2010

Hello there, my friend just rang me as she urgently needs my help. Her younger brother has c compaq mini 702EA netbook, and she needs to restore it back to factory settings, as it seems he was downlaoding without any internet security on it, and he may have developed a virus. So we just need to procedure to restore this NETBOOK to factory settings pls, asap. many thanks.

  T I M B O 20:25 09 Jun 2010

No panic,,,,

Antivirus Software>> click here

Malwarebytes>> click here

Install both ,,, register avast & thats free for a year. Run malwarebytes, and that should find any issues u might have.

  robin_x 20:29 09 Jun 2010

It's a real hassle installing all your favourite programs and bookmarks from a new build.

Why don't you try a couple of virus scans first?

Download and stick these on a flash card first.
Or just download and run on the suspect computer first if it will let you.

click here

click here

When you do get your computer working, by whatever means, install an antivirus package.


click here

Good luck

  robin_x 20:30 09 Jun 2010

lol great minds

  T I M B O 20:32 09 Jun 2010

Not quite lol, i personally would not choose Avira incase they wish to use an email client..

But yes almost great minds

  julius44 21:48 09 Jun 2010

thanks for all the help, and much appreciated, but is there also a way to install it back to facotry settings please??? They have had no internet for 3 weeks now, so i cant even install anything for them until the internet is up and we just want to set the netbook back to factory seetings for now please..ASAP

  northumbria61 22:21 09 Jun 2010

to reset your laptop, restart your computer and constantly press F11 once the first black screen on your laptop displays, or the Compaq logo display. Your computer will automatically load to recover manager and you can factory restore you computer from there.

2nd option: click start menu, click all programs and scroll to "Hp backup and recovery" or "Backup and recovery" click it and proceed for the factory default setting

  northumbria61 22:26 09 Jun 2010

If you want NEW then this is Amazon price -

click here

  northumbria61 22:27 09 Jun 2010

Sorry - posted in error.

  julius44 22:28 09 Jun 2010

hello northumbria61, do i just press the F11 key alone or do i have to press it with the ctrl key as well please?? Just that i have to relay the message to my friend so i just wanna confirm if its just start and then the f11 key on its own...and if so is it to just continue tapping the F11 key??? (sorry to be such a pain)

  northumbria61 22:29 09 Jun 2010

just keep pressing f11 as the laptop starts up.

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