Compaq LCD Monitor Problem

  Bungeeman 23:10 06 Jun 2005

Help! Over the last few days my Compaq FP-7317 Monitor has suddenly developed a very garbled display ie, coloured squares and dots all over the screen and bands of green aproximately 5cm apart vertically down the screen. Also any movement of my mouse or opening of programmes leaves more and more green afterimages of small green lines untill the display is unreadable.I have tried uninstalling the adaptor drivers (ATI Radion 9800). No change. Also I have Tried uninstalling my monitor drivers with another monitor plugged in and this seemed to work for a while then it went garbled again. Also sometimes a restart seems to cure it for a while but it always gets garbled again and sometimes it restarts and I can see from the off that it is going bad. It is ok at the moment and has been since my last restart three hours ago but I know that it is only a mater of time. I have run SpyBot and Ad-Aware and AVG with no problems found. I also run Zone Alarm.

  DieSse 00:14 07 Jun 2005

It's more than likely a faulty graphics card.

Check the fan on it (if there is one) is working

Check the haetsink hasn't fallen off (yes, I've seen this happen on cheap cards.

Take the card out and put it in aagain - in case it's bad contacts

And lastly can you try another?

  Bungeeman 00:47 07 Jun 2005

Hello and thanks for your response.
I am begining to think it might be the card as well. However it didn't happen with my old monitor on as I tried that too.
Anyway the fan is working.
The Heatsink has not fallen off (And it is not a cheap card is it?)
I have taken it out and put it back.
And no unfortunately I do not have another.

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