Compaq laptop screen wont stay upright ?

  Nickelback1 10:19 25 Sep 2008

I have a 4 year old Compaq Evo N800V laptop & everytime I move it the LCD screen falls over flat like the hindges are lose or worn.
How to I make it stay vertical so I can use it properly.
Any links asw to how to fix it ?
Do I need to replace some bits ?

  Nickelback1 07:35 27 Sep 2008

Any suggestions anyone ?

  Taff™ 08:11 27 Sep 2008

I have an Evo but not the same model and looking on the HP website I can`t find a service manual for your model. Try this one, which is mine and download the service manual. All the procedures are detailed and should be pretty much the same for yours. click here

Above all be careful. I`ve had the screen off mine twice and you must be patient and careful removing the plastic hinge covers. You need to get access to the screws underneath these covers to tighten them and you may find that you don`t need to remove everything to do so. If I have time later I`ll check on mine.

  Nickelback1 09:33 27 Sep 2008

Thanks Taff, will give that a try & get back to you ASAP

  Taff™ 09:46 28 Sep 2008

I`ve had a look and if I remember it right you need to remove the LED Cover (Section 5.9)which effectively runs right across the laptop near the screen and hinges, and then remove the hinge covers (Figure 5.26) The hinge assembly is shown in Figure 5.26 and you need to tighten the 4 screws in the order shown.

  Nickelback1 09:59 28 Sep 2008

Hiyah Taff,
Yup I going to have a go at it this morning to see if I can fix it like you said.
Will post up as soon as I have tried

  Nickelback1 14:33 28 Sep 2008

OK, the news is not good, I've stipped it all out and it was'nt the holding screws on the hinge, the problem is that the R/H hinge it'self is knackered & not gripping on the insert shaft properly.
Where's the best place to get a new right hand hinge assembly.

  wee eddie 14:46 28 Sep 2008

Maybe you are too young to know the Company, but they can solve almost any problem from Stock!

  Nickelback1 14:55 28 Sep 2008

I like it when I get called young @ over 50 !
Heath Robinson - mmmmmmmm Thanks !

  Taff™ 22:20 29 Sep 2008

From the manual can you tell me which part is knackered. I have an old Presario which is very similar and of the same era which is scrap and could be the answer to your problem. Heaven forbid you allow this "Heath Robinson" bloke to sort it!

  Nickelback1 06:55 30 Sep 2008

What's knackered is the actual right hand hinge.
5.35 is the closest picture as the hindges are under the covers.
They are 2 parts (male & female) & it realies on a friction shaft working on splines which get worn & spin too easily causing the screen to become too easy to move & therefore under it's own weight falls flat !.
Basically it cannot be repaired & needs to be replaced.
I've found a used set on ebay for £3.50, so have ordered them up.
Hope this helps

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