Compaq Laptop No Sound Win7 64Bit

  tomtechcon 17:38 10 Aug 2013


I'm stumped with where to go forward with this problem. I've got a Compaq CQ61-423SA. It's got Win7 64Bit. I can't get the sound to work at all, speakers or headphone output.

I figured it might drivers, so I've uninstalled all the drivers and re-installed drivers shown on Compaq's site for this model. I've used both sets (previous and old), according to the device manager, both are working correctly. I figured it might be hardware, so I replaced both the speakers and soundcard fitted them this morning. Still no joy.

So now that I've replaced the hardware, used the recommended drivers, and still no joy, any suggestions others have?

Any help much appreciated :)

  lotvic 17:52 10 Aug 2013

Is this a brand new laptop? Has the sound ever worked? Was W7 pre-installed oem or have you installed or upgraded it?

Presume you have checked the obvious (mute button etc) and the drivers you downloaded were for 64bit and not 32bit.

If you could give some history to the problem, it would help us to figure out the cause and remedy.

  tomtechcon 18:09 10 Aug 2013

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes the sound used to work correctly without issue. Laptop isn't brand new a year or two old. It came with Win 7 Home Premium have since had a new hdd so have installed a copy of Win 7 Ultimate on it, about 6 months ago. Didn't bother with the sound back then, as machine was used for work and sound not something I had to use. Decided to get it fixed now.

An correct the drivers are for 64Bit. Mute button tested on off etc yes :)

Only hardware changes made between now when I had the laptop originally are larger HDD and upgraded ram to 8GB. An the OS Upgrade.

If you need further info just ask, sorry if I have been vague :(

  lotvic 18:45 10 Aug 2013

What result did you get from the Microsoft sound troubleshooter? click here

  tomtechcon 19:00 10 Aug 2013

Went through the troubleshooter an got "Troubleshooter couldn't identify the problem" had a look at the detailed info, "Issue not detected" on all of them.

  lotvic 20:21 10 Aug 2013

Test the sound using DirectX. In the 'Run' command box type: dxdiag to open the diagnostics window, and choose the tab for sound.

  tomtechcon 21:02 10 Aug 2013

Just run dxdiag like you mentioned. Both sound tabs in notes said "No Problems Found".

  tomtechcon 15:35 11 Aug 2013

Anyone have any other ideas?

  rdave13 15:46 11 Aug 2013

Fitted a sound card and speakers on a laptop?

  T0SH 15:47 11 Aug 2013

If this is indeed a laptop as you described I would be very interested indeed to know how you managed this trick ?

"figured it might be hardware, so I replaced both the speakers and soundcard fitted them this morning. Still no joy."

Open heart surgery may just be easier to explain ?

Cheers HC

  T0SH 15:49 11 Aug 2013

oops sorry a bit slow on this one :¬)

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