Compaq Laptop install OS.

  Smegs 16:05 19 Jun 2004

A friend has cocked up his Compaq Armada 4110. He has come to me because he tried to format and reinstall. He said the format got to 30%, then conked out. He rebooted, and all it would do is go into DOS. So he FDISKED. Now all that we can do is turn the thing on and get into Bios. It hasn't got an A drive, thats the bit I cant work out.

A-How do I install OS without Dos on there?

B-I cant see wear to change the boot up, anyboby know wear it is?

C-It's a P1 100mhz, 24meg ram, 2gig hard drive. Had 98 on it, trying to put 95 on.


  y_not 20:06 19 Jun 2004

Found this on the Compaq site click here

Does it have a LAN connection or USB or CD? All options for installing.

I just scrapped a Compaq (desktop) and thought that to access the BIOS it was the F2 key ... not sure but if it helps ...

Good luck


  Smegs 22:42 19 Jun 2004

y_not, thanks for your help. The problem is, the laptop doesn't have an A DRIVE, nor can we get into BIOS. F2 doesn't work. I said earlier that we could get into BIOS, but it was some kind of Diagnostics Utilities. So at the moment we can't do anything with it.

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