Compaq Ipaq - how do I identify the model ?

  greybeard 22:46 22 Nov 2005

I've just acquired a second user Compaq Ipac pc with no cdrom drive. In order to find one, I need to identify which ipaq I have. Can anyone help please?
It's silver and black, two usb ports on the`front and six on the back, along with the usual serial/parallel ports etc.
Underneath is a chassis(?) code 217127-002. There is also a compaq barcode 8141JDVZ000B.
The only info I can find (on ebay) is of a "multibay x24 cdrom drive 165864-B21"
I need to know if all/most/some of these slimline drives will fit my pc.

  keewaa 22:50 22 Nov 2005

I'd guess that Belarc advisor should give you enough info :
click here

  greybeard 23:06 22 Nov 2005

keewaa -thanks for the link, but I suspect a slight problem.
Isn't the Belarc download to test the pc that you're downloading to ?
And as the ipaq system has no removable drive, I can't upload anything to it !!!!!!!!

  greybeard 23:08 22 Nov 2005

......and it isn't online !!!!

  greybeard 23:15 22 Nov 2005's got a machine control program running in it for a cnc I'm building. I've got the software on cd and floppy supplied with the pc, and I want to do a clean re-install. It's got 98se, but that's about all.
While I could lash up an external floppy, an external cd might be another matter ( but possible). If the system crashes, I could be up the proverbial.

  greybeard 21:18 23 Nov 2005

Anyone with a compaq ipaq at all ?????

  greybeard 22:41 23 Nov 2005

It's not even a laptop - it's a desktop system !

  Totally-braindead 22:51 23 Nov 2005

Have a look here click here and here click here

  Totally-braindead 22:53 23 Nov 2005

Not being funny here, I know some PCs made by particular manufacturers are set up so they can't use standard parts but couldn't your PC just take a standard CD rom drive?

  anchor 09:52 25 Nov 2005

Are you sure that it is an Compaq Ipaq PC?.

The Compaq desktop PC & notebook models were usually called presarios, and their pocket PC`s were Ipaq`s.

  wee eddie 10:12 25 Nov 2005

Compaq tend change the name of the product, depending on the retailer that orders them, but you haven't said that it works.

How about clicking the My Computer > Properties while on your Desktop

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