compaq desktop pc

  bigduvat 20:11 03 Jan 2010

I have a Compaq EvoD300V desktop pc with system windows xp home edition (2002) unfortuately whenever I try to download SP2 the PC becomes glitchy and unresponsive,sometimes taking minutes before it reacts. Would a new hard drive help this or is it over the hill.?

  User-1229748 23:24 03 Jan 2010

how much ram do you have and the rest of your pc specs?

  ame 00:24 04 Jan 2010

Is it this?
Compaq Evo D300v - C 1.4 GHz
Processor 1 x Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz
Cache Memory 256 KB L2 Cache - Advanced Transfer Cache
Cache Per Processor 256 KB
RAM 128 MB (installed) / 512 MB (max) - SDRAM - 133 MHz - PC133
Storage Controller IDE ( ATA-100 ) - PCI
Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy
Hard Drive 1 x 20 GB - standard - ATA-100
Optical Storage CD-ROM
Monitor None.
Graphics Controller AGP Shared Video Memory (UMA)
Audio Output Sound card - Intel 815E - PCI - stereo - 16-bit
Networking Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Power AC 110/220 V ± 18% ( 50/60 Hz )
OS Provided Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Environmental Standards EPA Energy Star

  bigduvat 14:22 04 Jan 2010

My PC specs are as "ame" has stated,except that the hard drive was replaced by an engineer to 40gb. I replaced the ram and put in 512mb-all with no ill effects. It was when it started to get very slow and twitchy that I decided to wipe the hard drive and start again-but it has not helped.

  Taff™ 12:14 05 Jan 2010

XP will be slow with 512 Mb RAM but it`s not impossible to work with. I suggest you download an ISO image of Service Pack Three, burn the image to disk and install it from that. You can skip SP2 altogether because SP3 will install all the upgrades from SP1 onwards. click here Just be patient when it`s installing!

  ame 23:59 06 Jan 2010

I think the 1.4GHz Celeron processor might be the main problem. My daughter has a Pentium 4 2.53GHz in her pc and it is running XP Pro with a 40Gb disk I've just put in. I am just about to double the RAM to 1Gb but it is still fine for basic tasks - e.g. business use, surfing, etc - the way it is. If you want to play games or watch quality video, bin it and move on. Upgrades are expensive and never match the latest all-in pc package £ for £.

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