Compaq Armada 7710MT

  pj1664 16:50 02 Nov 2006

I recently accuired the above laptop - I know its old but its just for my daughter to serf the web, the problem I am having is: I am trying to install win 98se but I cant seems to get to BIOS to configure the boot sequence and the othe problem is its only have 1 diskett bay for disk drive and cd rom. i have tried loading win 98 with the floppy but when it ask for cdrom support its not possible because I have to take the floppy out to insert the cdrom but nothing happends. How does one load windows in this instance.?

  ed-0 17:04 02 Nov 2006

Just use the cdrom drive. start with the windows 98 driver disk in the cd rom drive. They are usually configured to boot from the cd rom before the hard drive.

If it is no go. Then try F2 as it boots to enter the bios.

  pj1664 17:47 02 Nov 2006

Thanks ed-0, I will try that and get back with the results.

  pj1664 20:21 02 Nov 2006

Ok tried what ed-0 suggested, it didnt go to the BIOS screen, however the menual says press F10 but even then the only options that come up are load normal,safe mode, load with prompt etc... but there is nothing to load as windows is not installed yet. This computer had win 98 to start with but I was trying to upgrade to 98se with a clean start and now there is nothing. Appreciate anymore suggestions. Thank you.

  ed-0 20:49 02 Nov 2006

F1, F12 or delete.

try those, one at a time.

The old compaq lappy I had was F2.

Or you could load to windows 98 and put the windows 98se disk into the computer. It should ask if you want to upgrade, pick yes. It should also ask if you want to save system files, say no. That should give you a clean install as it wipes all of the old 98 disk.

  ed-0 20:50 02 Nov 2006

Or you could load to windows 98 desktop and then put the windows 98se disk into the computer.

  pj1664 23:51 02 Nov 2006

Tried all the above ed-0 but it says i need an upgrade disk inorder to upgrade from win 98 to se. This is a win 98se disk. It seems I am just going around in circle.

  pj1664 17:41 12 Nov 2006

Anymore ideas guys??

  pj1664 21:41 12 Nov 2006

Does anyone know which hot keys boot up BIOS for this machine? I have tried all the knowm keys eg.....Del, all F keys ctr+ALT+DEL, CTR+ALT+ ESC, Fn+F1,Fn+F2. Nothing works, yet I have managed to load win98 before but cant remember how.

  skidzy 21:56 12 Nov 2006

ctrl + Delete just an idea,i thought F10 was the Bios key on a Compaq.

  pj1664 11:57 14 Nov 2006

Sorry, skidzy's suggestion didn't work either. Is there a way I could load win98se with the floppy? My DOS knowledge is very poor. Appreciate any help in these entries. Thank you.

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