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  DanTMG 20:19 27 Mar 2011

Hi people.

Can anyone help. I do not confess to be a computer wizz however I would like to try webiste building. I own a company and we require a website designed, I have met many companys and the associated costs are ridiculous!!

I am after building a webiste that I can update daily with Blogs, News, Images, Videos but also a Client Log-In section. This section will be where clients can log in via a username / password screen then view confidential information specific to them. Information that I can upload such as documents or videos or Pictures.

I have time and patience and can lear easily.

Please can anyone help. A professional web building program with a professional finish but also easy to work.

Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 19:23 28 Mar 2011

for a Major German bank a few years ago. It was based on a server in Singapore, and the client wanted individuals of high net worth to be able to remotely view their portfolios in a secure personal area. Security was absolutely paramount, and my work was scrutinised by a couple of web experts from one of the big accountancy firms before it could go live.

I did it by creating a separate sub-web for each client; essentially a mini web site within the main site. The client areas contained information that the bank thought would be specifically of interest to them, and they were able to access pdf files showing the state of their transaction accounts as at the close of business each day.

It was all controlled by custom-written scripts that controlled the way each person entered his of her area. The individual could only enter from a specific page on the main site that was available only to clients,and only by entering a username and password. If anyone tried to access the areas from another location the site locked them out.

I can't go into detail for contractual reasons, but it was an interesting project, to say the least.

If you really want to do something similar you're in for a massive learning curve - it's a complicated procedure, and you have to get it right, or - as fourm member has said - you'll run foul of the Data protection legislation. You will also have to register with the Information Commissioner as a data controller.

  DanTMG 20:17 28 Mar 2011

Hi guys, many thanks for this advice. The data we will be storing are not of high security as such. Mainly just photos of jobs we carry out before we start and once we have completed. Maybe in a few years depending on how the company grows other date could be introduced.

I am understanding more and more that I may have to spend more than originally anticipated. Nowhere near the 20million!!!

Thanks alot again for this advice

  ajm 23:03 28 Mar 2011

Try WordPress. click here My own site, along with a few client's site are running with WordPress as the back-end system. There are a lot of themes, plug-ins, etc availble.

  Forum Editor 16:34 30 Mar 2011

you can simply use a .htaccess file on the server to control entry. It's easy to set up, and works very well.

click here for more information.

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