Compact Flash Write Protection

  George Smiley 00:26 12 Jul 2005

Read other threads in forum about Compact Flash and Write Protection but not sure if my problem is covered.

Been viewing a friend's Sandisk Compact Flash disk using an Integral 8-in-1 card reader on XP. All well until I try to copy them to CD-RW. Get the message that the disk is write-protected.

How do you unprotect the CF card?

Any ideas?

Thanks bundles.

  George Smiley 00:28 12 Jul 2005


It's photos I'm trying to copy. CF disk is FAT format and my XP PC uses NTFS. Could this affect be affecting matters too?

  De Marcus 00:30 12 Jul 2005

Try copying the files from the card to a folder on the desktop and burning the files from this location rather than directly from the card which is what I presume your doing?

  De Marcus 00:32 12 Jul 2005

There shouldn't be any problems with the ntfs/ fat32 file systems. Basically NTFScan read the fat file system but not the other way round, which in this case isn't a problem.

  ton 00:47 12 Jul 2005

I agree with De Marcus - copy the files to a folder on the PC first.

  George Smiley 19:07 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for the responses all.

Was able to copy to my C: drive rather than straight to CD-RW as I've been trying. However, the photos remained write-protected according to Windows. Even when I made a second copy of them on my C: drive.

Now I find that ALL of MY photos in the same folder as the ones I've uploaded have been write-protected when previously I could copy them to CD-RW.

Trying to read Windows XP Inside Out for ideas. Even when I use the Properties index of the folders and untick the Read Only box and Apply, etc., when I look at the folder again it remains write-protected.

Anyone experienced this?


  George Smiley 22:18 12 Jul 2005


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