compact flash error

  Beann Syrup 00:18 31 May 2004

Last week I bought my grandson a Novatech 1.3 Digital camera for his 7th birthday.
I had to get a Compact Flash Card Type 1 for it as it could only store 6 pics in low resolution.
I saw one online in JetMedia 16 mb and thought that would be enough. I phoned and asked was it Type1. The service was excellent as the person who answered didn't know and the Technies were engaged so she said she would phone back which she did 5 mins later to say it was type 1. I bought it and it arrived next day (1st class recorded - a first for here a Scottish Island)
When the card is in the camera a message comes up to format, reply yes - it says it's formatting, but the message keeps coming up even when reply is 'no' and it won't take any pics.
Can anyone help. I'll phone Novatech after the Holiday, but wondered if anyone could help just now. By the way the card is a Dane Elec.

  billyliv 00:34 31 May 2004

Hi, Are you trying to format the card when the camera is connected to the computer?. Flash cards should only be formatted in the camera. Cheers, Bill. ( Exiled Scot, who left the bonny land in 1958)

  Beann Syrup 00:38 31 May 2004

Hi Bill
It wasn't connected to the computer at all. Had just put it in the camera. How could you leave Scotland with all this beautiful weather we're getting just now? Thanks for the reply.

  hugh-265156 00:41 31 May 2004

hi. i have no idea sorry as my camera uses xd cards but i did find this site which lists some cards that are type 1 may help click here

click here should work and is not a bad price.

  hssutton 10:25 31 May 2004

just about all compactflash will be type 1 unless you specifically order type two. The problem you are having would suggest that it's the camera not the card that is faulty. If you are running Win 98 you can format via the PC. with XP it is necessary to select "Fat" when formatting, this is assuming you have a card reader.

  Beann Syrup 23:07 31 May 2004

hssutton - thanks for your reply. I was wondering about the camera and tried to phone Novatech today, but it was a holiday so will try again tomorrow.

  Fruit Bat 23:19 31 May 2004


This will make the card unusable in the camera.

Only ever format cards for cameras in your or someonelses camera. Cameras do not use Fat or Ntfs file systems.

If card will not format in your camera see if you can find somenoe else with a camera that takes CFC Type Card.

  Simon_P 23:53 31 May 2004

Some cameras do use FAT.

When you format in the camera it will convert it to what file system it uses.

If the card formats ok on a PC but not in the camera then it could possibley be:

1 There is a fault with the camera (all you can do is have camera checked out)

2 There is an issue with the flash card and camera. not all flash cards will work with all cameras etc. (try a different card and make)

3 The file structure of the card is corrupt. (if you have a PC with a card reader you can reformat card using FAT not FAT32 or NTFS and then run scandisk on the card. If there is a problem with the card this should sort it out then put it back in to camera and see if it will format) I have used this method for about 10 different cameras with success.

This method is not 100% guaranteed to work , but the success rate is high.

  Bagsey 08:44 01 Jun 2004

I would suggest that you put the old card back into the camera and take a couple of shots with that card. Format the card in the camera. If that works then the fault is in the new card. I does happen especially with the cheaper cards.I have had that happen to me a couple of times. If so send it back to the supplier for a replacement.

  hssutton 10:49 01 Jun 2004

Fruit Bat Very strange that you should say XP will ruin C/flash cards. I use XP to format my flash cards on a daily basis, however in most cases you must only format as fat. An exception is the Canon DSLRs which can also be formatted as Fat 32. Flash cards over a certain size (I Think 2Gb must be formatted as Fat 32.

click here

  Beann Syrup 14:15 01 Jun 2004

This camera didn't come with a card only a small amount of memory. Had I known I could have bought one with a card in it for the price I paid for both camera and card.

I phoned Novatech this morning and they think there may be a fault with the card or it is incompatible although they say that happens very rarely. I phoned Jet Media and they said to return the card and they will send a replacement by return. The card has a 10 year guarantee!

Thanks to all for the help. I will let you know how the new card functions.

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