timothy44 23:05 11 Jan 2003
  timothy44 23:05 11 Jan 2003

could someone tell me the difference between compactflash1 and 11 please. also what is the best make to buy? i have a fuji 602 camera and i'm wondering should i stick to the fuji make or are others good.

  hssutton 23:29 11 Jan 2003

Well you asked.
The original CompactFlash storage card is an ultra-small, removable data storage system. The CF+ specification adds additional card functionality including magnetic disk drive data storage and I/O cards such as ethernet, serial, fax/modem, digital phone card, USB, barcode scanner, Bluetooth, 802.11b wireless LAN, wireless digital cell phone cards, etc.
When used in my Minolta I see no difference, but if your Fuji will take Compactflash 2, it will also take a microdrive and a 512Mb microdrive costs £80 from click here.


  timothy44 23:40 11 Jan 2003

thank you. how do i differentiate between the two on these sites as they don't say. the 602 takes compact flash and smart media. I have been used to the new xd picture cards as i had a 304 that is why i ask as i've no experience of compact flash or smart media. When i look up these sites that say "fab prices" which card 1 or 11 do they mean and which one should i buy?

  temp003 08:25 12 Jan 2003

In terms of performance, there may not be much difference between CF and SmartMedia. My impression is people tend to prefer CF cards. Certainly with the higher level cameras, CF is more common these days.

CF cards are supposed to have a sturdier build physically, but more important is perhaps capacity. I think SM maxes out at 128MB (but this may be outdated - haven't checked). CF has far higher capacities. If you like making lots of shots at high resolution and fine quality (which your 602 is capable of, especially the 6MP interpolated), and don't want to keep changing memory cards, then CF definitely has an advantage.

CF type I is thinner at 3.5mm and type II is 5mm. A type II "adaptor" or slot is compatible with type I (but not the other way round). If a website doesn't specify type I or II, it's likely type I.

I haven't read that either type of CF necessarily reads or writes faster than the other. It seems that performance depends more on the particular make of CF card in connection with particular cameras, and other factors such as the size and format of the photo files being written. Since the 602 can take both CF types (including the Microdrive), it doesn't really matter whether it's I or II.

If you decide to buy CF, go for a reliable make. My Minolta 7i, e.g. didn't like the PQI CF 256MB (a cheap card). I used the card once, it worked but did funny things sometimes; so for safety's sake I had to ditch it. False economy. I am using two Kingston High Speed 256MB CF type I cards, and they have done very well. For some CF cards comparison, click here and click here

  hssutton 10:56 12 Jan 2003

Just for information
These cards work perfectly in my Minolta D7 and also my D7i.
Crucial. 256Mb. Integral 128Mb. & Dane Elec 128Mb.
However as I said in my previous posting, the 512 MB IBM Microdrive at £80 is without doubt the best bargain by far.


  timothy44 14:09 12 Jan 2003

thank you very much temp for your clear and concise answer, I am wiser now, Itried to get the camera you have (minolta) from argos as they had it at believe it or not £449.99 in their sale, obviosly stocks ran out very quickly either that or they got into trouble with minolta for selling it so cheap, needless to say i didn't manage to get one so i went for the fuji 602.
HARRY i clicked on your link but can't find the microdrives--- help!

  hssutton 14:41 12 Jan 2003

I went to Argos Lincoln within 2 hours of the Minolta D7i sale starting, and they had sold out, but fortunately for me there where still some in stock at the warehouse, so I recieved one by post 2 days later. Pity you missed out as this is one excellent camera. I am keeping the D7 as I like to do IR photography, unfortunately in their wisdom Minolta placed a "hot mirror" in the D7i redering it useless for doing IR work.
The following link should take you to the Microdrive page click here. Just remember your Fuji will have to be able to use Compactflash 2.


  timothy44 14:58 12 Jan 2003

harry itcan take microdrives. do you think they're better to buy than cards. that digital depot site is quite reasonable but can't make out make of cards although looks like fujifilm

  hssutton 16:21 12 Jan 2003

The arguement as to which is best is a continuing affair with probably C/F coming out slightly on top, But when you take into consideration the major price difference of these 512Mb microdrives I think there is only one winner. The compactflash cards sold by digital depot have in the past been Dane-Elect. I have been using 4 x 128MB of these cards for the past 16 months without any problem. I also have a Fuji card but can see no difference.
I guess it depends what type of memory to use by how you will use your camera. I always take full size images. On important shots I use superfine and the files come out at 16Mb on fine at 2Mb. So I need the larger cards.


  timothy44 19:06 12 Jan 2003

thanks very much harry for all your help, i'll have a look around and make up my mind

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