compact flash card

  joe95 14:45 28 Dec 2003

I got myself a dig cam for xmas and a card reader loaded the pics onto my computer via reader okay printed pics,then i started to look more closely at what could be done to modify the pics whilst still in camera but the camera says they aren' there, checked the card and there is something there and i downloaded them onto my Pc and there were my pics but my cam keeps saying no.
Any ideas?
thanks Joe

  Diodorus Siculus 15:14 28 Dec 2003

If you tried to edit them on the camera, then you will find they are not readable by the camera anymore. Best to download them to the PC and then edit from there.

  Salinger 15:18 28 Dec 2003

I don't think that you want be modifying your pictures while they are in the camera. Normally you would edit or modify after transferring them to your HDD.

  joe95 15:20 28 Dec 2003

thanks Ihave them on my HD so I can clean my card now is that right?

  Salinger 15:28 28 Dec 2003

You should delete them IN the camera not in the card reader (to prevent problems). BTW you can recover deleted pics by using a program (supplied by woodchip and uploaded by northamuk) I may come in handy if you accidentally delete a pic and want to recover it on your Card or HDD

click here

  Salinger 15:29 28 Dec 2003

I may come in handy = IT may come in handy!!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:57 28 Dec 2003

Best to format the card in the camera before using it for much more work.

  joe95 16:02 28 Dec 2003

Thanks I've downloaded the programme.
just one more thing am I posting correctly?
Isaw a post sometime ago to send an e-mail to the editor and he would send full instructions no joy yet.
Thanks again Joe

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 28 Dec 2003

Yes, your posting is excellent! Clear and to the point.

  Nellie2 11:28 29 Dec 2003

I must have missed that one Salinger.... thanks, good program cos I am forever pressing the wrong button

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