Compact Disc lost in CD drive

  quitiraq 01:09 24 Apr 2008

A mate transferred the hard disc of my old PC to a new one bought a year ago.

I've just noticed a favourite Compact Disc (Bach) is missing from my music collection. I believe it to be lying forgotten in the CD player in the outdated PC console. In the vain hope the drawer mechanism would eject by simply turning on the power of this now hard discless system on I tried. But no go. I had a preliminary go at dismantling the DVD and CD drives in this old hard-discless PC, and I'd try again later only I wonder if this will get me any closer to getting the sliding drawers of the DVD and CD players to open if I succeed in extracting them from the old console?

Any bright ideas/wisdom would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

  Widow's Son 01:17 24 Apr 2008

Almost all cd/dvd drives have a small hole in the front for this purpose - straighten out a paper clip and stick in in the hole and this should open it without any power (you may have to wiggle it a bit)

  Taff™ 01:20 24 Apr 2008

On many drives there is a small hole on the fascia for emergency eject. It`s just big enough for an unfolded paper clip to penetrate up to 20mm.

  MCE2K5 01:24 24 Apr 2008

Ejecting a CD/DVD from a busted drive,

Picture click here Scroll down a bit.

  quitiraq 01:41 24 Apr 2008

Hey you fellas: Widow's Son, Taff, MCE2K5. It's very late my side of the globe, but the speed with which y'all leapt in to the rescue left me RUBBING my eyes in surprise! THANKS and THANX I'll get on to it tomorrow and leave feedback here. Meantime my fingers are crossed that I'll find the Bach CD in there...

  MCE2K5 01:46 24 Apr 2008

"It's very late my side of the globe":

As is here in the UK.

  quitiraq 02:03 24 Apr 2008

Yessssssssssss ... the paper clip trick worked just fine. Neat to know.... And .... you all guessed didn't you ? ... the Bach wasn't in there. Ah well! That's me off, first thing tomorrow, to my "record" library, or Médiatheque as it is called here in Brussels. Cheers, bests and thanks again.

  quitiraq 02:05 24 Apr 2008

Night birds of a feather MCE2K5 :)

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