Comp only showin 130gb instead of 160 it should be

  YinHoNg 22:07 03 Sep 2004

I just built my new comp but when i looked at how much hard drive space i got it says it only has 130gb. How do i get it to recognise it has 160. My cousin said something bout updates but he wasn't totally sure. I'm running on Windows XP Proffesional.

  Djohn 22:24 03 Sep 2004

Have you got SP1 or SP2 version of XP otherwise it will not recognise a drive over 137MB ?

  marjted 23:36 03 Sep 2004

click here
and use the Seagate Disc Wizard programme. Free to download and works with other makes of hard drive.

  YinHoNg 13:01 04 Sep 2004

i havent downloaded sp1 or sp2. which one should i dl?

  Djohn 13:06 04 Sep 2004

It's a big download unless you have broadband. If you have then go for SP2 it will take about 35-45 minutes or get the CD from a cover disk from one of the PC mags. Preferably PC Advisor ;o)

  jack 14:20 04 Sep 2004

How are you with Math?
It goes like this
When a harddrive is advertised as 100 GB[lets say]
That description is talking about there being
1000 kilobyte in a megabyte [ mega =1000]
But there isn't.
Computers count in expotential numbers [2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024]
So when I bought my 200BG drive the computer says it has 186.
Get it?

  Sans le Sou 14:47 04 Sep 2004

The numbers you quote are not exponential.

  jack 19:28 04 Sep 2004

You'r right wrong word its my age, now that is exponential ;o(

  Djohn 21:24 04 Sep 2004

It doesn't help when you try to confuse YinHoNg The reason it's not showing the full hard drive is as explained in my post above. Downloading/installing SP1 or SP2 will allow the full drive to be seen and a 160GB drive should show up as 156.25GB or there abouts.

Regards. j.

  fitfella29 22:17 04 Sep 2004

i was using sp1 and had the same problem so sp1 doesnt fix the problem.

anyone know if sp2 does?

  Djohn 22:39 04 Sep 2004

There are several reasons as to why the full size of a hard drive is not always recognised. In my post above, I didn't say that SP1 will cure the problem, just that if you have XP without it then a drive over 137GB will not be recognised to it's full capacity.

installing SP1 or SP2 will enable XP to see the drive to it's full capacity. As to whether the drive itself will show this is another matter and other factors could be the culprit.

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